Monday, September 25
UT Govt aims to foster Implementation of Registration of Births, Deaths Act 1969

UT Govt aims to foster Implementation of Registration of Births, Deaths Act 1969


Leh: In a significant step towards strengthening the administrative framework of Ladakh, Advisor Ladakh Dr Pawan Kotwal, convened a crucial meeting at the Civil Secretariat in Leh.

The primary focus of this meeting was to discuss and facilitate the implementation of the Registration of Births and Deaths Act 1969 and the civil registration system in the Union Territory of Ladakh in presence of Bishnu Charan Mallick, IAS, Director Census Operations J&K.

During this informative and insightful session, the relevant department delivered a comprehensive presentation on the Civil Registration System (CRS) and the Registration of Birth and Death Act 1969. This presentation provided a deeper understanding of the intricate aspects of these vital processes.

Furthermore, it shed light on the Inter-Departmental Coordination Committee’s role, emphasizing the significance of fostering collaboration between various government bodies. Such collaboration is instrumental in enhancing the efficiency and precision of the registration process.

The meeting also delved into the inspection of registration units, emphasizing the importance of regular audits and quality checks. These measures are essential to ensure strict adherence to established procedures and standards, thereby upholding the integrity of the registration system.

Advisor was appraised about the progress of implementation of the CRS and CRS portal. Overall, the positive implementation and 100% adoption of the portal along with Aadhar Linked Birth Death Registration was highlighted and appreciated. Other important issues under discussion were constitution of IDCC, digitization of legacy data and MCCD, Census with particular focus on resolution of discrepancies in LGD portal, appointment of nodal officer and installation of Census Work Station and Sample Registration System exercise in UT of Ladakh was also discussed.

The meeting was also attended by Additional Registrars Births and Deaths (Dr Motup Dorje, Director Health for rural areas and Dr Zahida Bano, Director ULB for urban area), District Registrars (CMOs), Registrars (EOs and BMOs) and other related functionaries of UT administration.

From DCO J&K the meeting was attended by Shri Ram Murti, DDCO, Shri Manmeet Singh Loomba, DDCO and Shri Vijay Kumar, ADCO.


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