Monday, February 26
Tourism Dept. Kargil celebrates Mamani Festival at Chiktan

Tourism Dept. Kargil celebrates Mamani Festival at Chiktan


Kargil: Tourism Department of Kargil Saturday organized Mamani, Ladakh’s ethnic food festival at Chiktan which saw huge participation of people.

Executive Councillor Kacho Mohd Feroz, Director Tourism Kunzes Angmo, and Councillor Chiktan Kacho Liyaqat Ali Khan, SDM, Shakar Chiktan Abdul Gaffar Zargar, Assistant Director Tourism, Aga Syed Toha, Lambardar, Former BDC, officer of SDM, Shakar Chiktan, Artisans, beside thousands of villagers, domestic tourists were present.

EC Feroz emphasized the significance of traditional festivals like ‘Mamani’ in promoting communal harmony and preserving Ladakh’s rich culture. He advocated for prioritizing traditional foods due to their high nutritional value, especially in line with local weather conditions.

Highlighting the commitment to preserving culture and identity, he expressed the goal of placing district Kargil on the tourism map, leveraging contributions from Zanskar to Shakar Chiktan to boost the local economy.

He lauded artisans of Handloom/Handicraft Department who showed their artifacts and ethnic foods. The EC urged the artisans to take the privilege of beneficiary-oriented schemes and thanked Tourism Department Kargil for organizing the annual festival at Chiktan.

During the event, a play was played by RANTHaG Group Kargil and cultural performances showed by various cultural troops from Boodh Kharboo, Mundik, Chiktan, Kukshow , Henaskot, Balti and Sheena.
Director Tourism Ladakh, Kunzes Angmo said such festivals would continue to be organized to stimulate the local economy and safeguard Ladakh’s cultural heritage. She praised Self Help Groups and outlined plans for expanding homestays in Chiktan under the Homestay Policy.

The SDM Zargar highlighted the cultural festival’s potential to showcase local culture and cuisine nationwide, to elevate it to a national-level event and to boost the tourism sector and economy of Kargil.

Assistant Director, Tourism said that the programme is aimed at exploring winter tourism and for the footfall of domestic and international tourists in Kargil.

The SVEEP Kargil also mobilised information regarding registration and participation in the electoral process with civic awareness.

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