Friday, May 24
SSP Anayat Ali felicitates young Artists of Kargil

SSP Anayat Ali felicitates young Artists of Kargil


KARGIL: SSP Kargil, Anayat Ali Chowdhary Tuesday felicitated the Young Artists of Kargil for their contribution in an interactive painting of Police Public School, Kargil.

The group of young artists of Kargil were felicitated by the SSP Kargil for their remarkable contribution in the interactive painting of the Police Public School.

The interaction painting was aimed at creating a welcoming environment to inspire students to enjoy their learning experience.

The SSP Kargil applauded the efforts of the young artists who volunteered for this project.

The felicitation ceremony was held in the presence of other police officers at DPO. The event ended with the SSP Kargil encouraging the participants and wishing them all the best for their future endeavors.

Ladakh Police in a statement said, “Commendations to SSP Kargil, Anayat Ali, for extending heartfelt appreciation to the immensely talented group of Young Artists of Kargil. Their remarkable contribution in crafting an interactive masterpiece at the Police Public School truly embodies the power of art in education.”

Their captivating artwork has not only beautified the school premises but has also fostered creativity, imagination, and a sense of community among the students. By infusing vibrant colors and meaningful symbolism, these Young Artists have left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all who encounter their creation, the statement read.

“We applaud their passion, dedication, and artistic prowess, which have undoubtedly uplifted the spirits of the entire Kargil community. Their exemplary talent serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists and reinforces the importance of nurturing artistic expression within our educational institutions,” it read.

This well-deserved recognition serves as a testament to the power of collaboration between law enforcement and the arts, nurturing positive relationships and promoting community engagement. Kudos to the Young Artists of Kargil for their invaluable contribution and to SSP Kargil for acknowledging their extraordinary talents.

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