Monday, December 4
Sonam Nurboo reviews CSS, SDP, State sector, District Capex of several departments

Sonam Nurboo reviews CSS, SDP, State sector, District Capex of several departments


Leh: The Additional District Development Commissioner (ADDC), Leh, Sonam Nurboo, chaired a review meeting on Centrally Sponsored Schemes, Special Development Packages, State Sector/District Capex of the Agriculture and Horticulture Department in Leh Saturday at VC room.

The objective of the meeting was to assess the progress, challenges, and future prospects of various schemes and packages designed to boost the agricultural and horticultural sectors in the region.

ADDC, Leh, Sonam Nurboo reviewed the execution of Centrally Sponsored Schemes and Special Development Packages, which have been instrumental in providing financial support and technical assistance to local farmers and horticulturists.

During the meeting, ADDC Leh sought updates from the concerned officers regarding both completed and ongoing Centrally Sponsored Schemes across various villages in the region.

ADDC Leh, Sonam Nurboo, issued directions urging the responsible officers to disseminate comprehensive information about these schemes to the public to ensure that the local population is well-informed and, consequently, better positioned to benefit from these schemes.

The meeting also saw deliberations on the Action Plan for 2023 within the framework of the Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA). Here, the ADDC directed the officers to execute various schemes in a timely and efficient manner.

He said that these initiatives are designed to enhance agricultural practices and increase crop yields, thus contributing to the economic well-being of the local population.

Furthermore, he emphasized the promotion of Self Help Groups (SHGs) for mushroom cultivation to empower local farmers and promote self-sufficiency in the horticultural domain.

Another significant point on the agenda was the PKUY organic certification. He directed the officers to provide awareness training to hoteliers on the benefits of using organic produce. He added that from this initiative local farmers benefit from the expanded market for organic produce while the hospitality sector offers healthier and more sustainable options to consumers.

In terms of soil health, Chief Agriculture Officer Thinles Dawa provided valuable information, noting that 80% of the soil health cards have already been distributed, and soil testing has been carried out in the laboratory.

Discussing the horticulture sector, the ADDC directed officers to explore new areas that have not yet reached their full horticultural potential. He emphasized the need for training programs to educate local stakeholders on the scope and development opportunities.

The meeting was attended by the Chief Agriculture Officer, Leh, Thinles Dawa; District Horticulture Officer,Leh, Kunzang Dolma; District Agriculture Officer,Leh, Tashi Dolma; Research Assistant Agriculture, Leh, Mansor Ahmed and Agriculture Extension Officer,Leh, Ghulam Mohd.


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