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Rajnath to inaugurate Nyoma ALG among 90 projects on Sept 12. All Details Here

Rajnath to inaugurate Nyoma ALG among 90 projects on Sept 12. All Details Here


LEH: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh is going to inaugurate Nyoma ALG among 90 projects in union territory of Ladakh.

Nyoma ALG: A Game changer for Eastern Ladakh:
The Ladakh sector faces constant threat from Chinese aggression and recently Chinese and Indian troops engaged in face-offs and skirmishes at locations along the Sino-Indian border near the disputed Pangong Lake in Ladakh. This aggressive posture by China necessitates a fast track response and readiness to thwart off any misadventure and counter adversary’s hostile moves.

Hence, it is desirable that Nyoma ALG in Eastern Ladakh is developed as a strategic ground for forward troops and other defensive/ offensive operations.

Rajnath to inaugurate Nyoma ALG among 90 projects on Sept 12. All Details HereALG at Nyoma is located at Km 193.00 in snow bound/hilly terrain on Leh-Loma road at an elevation of 13200 ft above MSL. The temperature in the region varies from +20˚C in summer and -40˚C in winter.

Rajnath to inaugurate Nyoma ALG among 90 projects on Sept 12. All Details HereNyoma ALG Layout:
The development of infrastructure by China in our border areas has given them the capability to mobilizing its forces in large volume in short span of time. China is also extending its support to Pakistan for strategic infrastructure projects especially in PoK. In addition, upgradation of Karakoram highway to an all weather road link from PoK to China (Aksai Chin) will not only give them logistical advantage but can also spring surprises for India in terms of mobilizing enemy forces. It is, therefore, imperative that at Nyoma ALG be developed as an airbase which can independently support large-scale mobilization of troops.

At present, no transport and fighter operations are undertaken due to non-availability of infrastructure at Nyoma. Therefore, only limited helicopter operations are being undertaken from the existing ALG.

It is vital importance to bolster India’s strategic deterrence capabilities in its Northern region expeditiously. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop Nyoma ALG as a full- fledged airbase to support military and civil operations. The location at Nyoma also has the potential to promote tourism thereby help in shaping the development of Eastern Ladakh.

The ALG has a rigid pavement of 2.743 km long and 45.72 m wide with a turning radius of 50m for the aircrafts.

Ladakh Regional Connectivity:Rajnath to inaugurate Nyoma ALG among 90 projects on Sept 12. All Details Here
The aircrafts can land in both directions and also Non Landing Bay is provided on either side of the runway and the taxiway, making this a bidirectional runway enhancing our capability by giving multiple approaches to aircrafts.

Apart from runway and dispersal area, infrastructure like hangar, ATC tower, accommodation and security related aspects have been included in the project. This landing strip will not only enhance the capability of the defense forces but also give a major boost to tourism and assist local population in terms of mobility.

Border Roads Organization is dedicating and inaugurating 90 Projects to our great nation on 12 Sep 2023 which includes Roads, Bridges and Helipads. Apart from these onerous achievements the Shilanyas of Advanced Landing Ground at Nyoma will also be carried out. Project Himank is spearheading the humongous task of dedicating seven roads and eleven bridges alongwith working on a new airfield for Eastern Ladakh at Nyoma.

Connectivity in Eastern Ladakh has taken off like never before, with the advent of seven bridges connecting DBO and Hot Spring locations our forward troops have been kept connected round the year and are now in a position to carry out faster deployment of men and resources to ensure that the adversary is kept at bay.

Rajnath to inaugurate Nyoma ALG among 90 projects on Sept 12. All Details HereThe people of Ladakh and visitors are now closer in time on account of the new roads which includes Durbuk-Tangste road and Tangste-Lukung road enroute to Pangong Tso. Villages South of Pangong Tso on the Chumathang – Chushul (South East Ladakh) axis which includes Mahe – Debring road, Leh-Loma road and Loma – Dungti road are now well connected with foreseeable future development in support of the Vibrant Village Program.

Rajnath to inaugurate Nyoma ALG among 90 projects on Sept 12. All Details HereNH-3 which experiences a high quantum of traffic has been upgraded with a new bridge on Whiskey nallah and furthermore the remote location of Hanle is now connected through a new Bridge to Chumar. These through type bridges on these axes stand robustly to take the load of the future.

The karmyogis of Border Roads Organisation including Project Himank have managed to complete these tasks through sheer dedication and grit while braving harsh weather and challenging conditions. They have carried on the commitment of providing quality infrastructure to the country and supporting our troops in ensuring territorial integrity. The conditions endured by each and every Karmayogi including those who made the ultimate sacrifice has paved the way for the future projects which shall be technology infused with high pace and high quality.

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