Tuesday, May 21
New Selfie Point at Hombotingla Pass Honours Kargil War Heroes: A Beacon of Remembrance and Pride

New Selfie Point at Hombotingla Pass Honours Kargil War Heroes: A Beacon of Remembrance and Pride


KARGIL: In Ladakh, in a poignant commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Kargil Vijay Diwas, Rajat Jayanti of KVD, the Indian Army, in collaboration with the Tourism Department Kargil, has unveiled a stirring tribute at Hombotingla Pass.

The newly inaugurated Selfie Point stands as a testament to the valour and sacrifice of the brave soldiers who fought during the Kargil War.

SD Singh Jamwal, ADGP Ladakh, Head of Police Ladakh, inaugurated the Selfie Point, marking a solemn moment of remembrance and gratitude. Adorned with the resounding slogan ‘I Love Indian Army,’ the site offers breathtaking views of Kargil Town and the Mighty Batalik Sector, serving as a reminder of the sacrifices made in defence of the nation.

ADGP Ladakh, while talking to media said that Indain army always remains at the forefront while it comes to the first line of security as well as in performing such civic action programmes for the welfar of the society.

Such initiatives will helping the promotion of Tourism in the Region which is the primary industry of UT Ladakh.

Local residents and tourists have hailed the initiative as a powerful symbol of unity and appreciation towards the Indian Army. Haji Mohd Ali Khan, a prominent local figure, praised the Selfie Point for fostering a sense of national pride and solidarity.

With the hashtag #KVDRajatJayanti, the Selfie Point invites visitors to capture and share moments of reverence for the bravery and sacrifice of our soldiers.

ADGP Ladakh emphasized the Indian Army’s unwavering commitment to security and community welfare, highlighting the role of such initiatives in promoting tourism, the primary industry of UT Ladakh.

As visitors flock to this picturesque spot, it stands not only as a platform for capturing memories but also as a beacon of remembrance, honouring the indomitable spirit of our soldiers and reaffirming our collective gratitude for their service and sacrifice.

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