Tuesday, May 21
Mishra reviews Central Committee report to examine proposal for new, existing manpower outsourcing

Mishra reviews Central Committee report to examine proposal for new, existing manpower outsourcing


Leh: The Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh, Brigadier (Dr) BD Mishra (Retd), held a meeting with Departmental Secretaries/ Head of Departments (HODs) to review the report submitted by the Central Committee to examine the proposals for new and existing manpower outsourcing, at the Lieutenant Governor’s Secretariat.

Director, Finance, Dr Safdar Ali, IRS, informed the LG that the mandate of the committee was to examine departmental proposals under Special Development Plan (SDP), extension cases under SDP and extension under State sector budget; examine justification in each case; basis of remunerations based on the basic pay of posts; provision of mandatory budget requirements, including PF, GST, vendor margins; and uniform nomenclature to the maximum extent. He informed about the existing 1090 outsourced staff along with the proposal to engage 612 new outsourced personnel which would have financial implications of Rs 51.17 crores in SDP and Rs 6.77 crores in the State Sector.

At the outset, the LG inquired about the increase in the volume of work over the last one year due to which 612 new outsourced staff have been proposed.

He asked the concerned Departmental Secretaries/HODs to justify the need for additional manpower in their respective departments and the need to review the period of engagement of manpower.

He highlighted the need to prepare a chart of duty, review the engagement of new manpower and identify the qualifications and requirements of the manpower.

Asking the Departmental Secretaries/HODs not to be hide-bound and instead focus on attributes such as transparency, accountability, probity, equal dispensation, self-audit and mid-course correction, the LG highlighted the need to utilise the funds allocated by the Government of India judiciously.

The Advisor to the LG asked the Departmental Secretaries/HODs to review the existing and new outsourced manpower and provide proper justification for engaging new staff as numerous staff have recently been recruited through both LAHD-SSRBs and Staff Selection Commission.

He asked the Departmental Secretaries/HODs to engage new staff and extend the services of the existing outsourced staff on the Government e-Market (GeM) to ensure transparency in the engagement of outsourced manpower. He also highlighted the need to remove the practice of holding interviews and follow the Government of India norms.

The Advisor asked the concerned Departmental Secretaries/HODs to maintain the status quo regarding the rationalisation of remunerations provided to outsourced staff for another three months till the elections are over after which the process to implement the proposal submitted by the Committee would be re-examined.

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