Tuesday, October 3
Mishra discuss prototype of pashmina kid pen with stakeholders, goat herders from Nyoma, Durbuk

Mishra discusses prototype of pashmina kid pen with stakeholders, goat herders from Nyoma, Durbuk


Dives slogan of Memna Bachao, Memna Badhao to promote pashmina in Ladakh
Leh: The Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh, Brigadier (Dr) BD Mishra (Retd) held a meeting with concerned stakeholders/goat herders from Nyoma and Durbuk sub-divisions at Raj Niwas to discuss the prototype of pashmina kid pen.

Secretary, Animal/Sheep Husbandry, Ravinder Kumar, informed the LG that the prototype design, based on the modifications made to the traditional nomadic kid enclosure to make it more durable to help it withstand attacks from wild animals and to trap heat from the sun to prevent mortality of pashmina kids in the winter months, is a three-feet tall structure with three different compartments.

He also informed that the structure, covered with a double-layered polycarbonated sheet to trap heat from the sun, would be installed around two feet deep into the ground and around one foot of the structure would be left open for ventilation.

The villagers/elected representatives and goat herders from Nyoma and Durbuk sub-divisions raised several issues, viz. instances of malnutrition among goats and the need to arrange fodder/pasture for the goats for the winter months, the need to provide vaccination to the goats, the premature birth of pashmina kids, the need to provide tags to the newborn pashmina kids for their proper identification, the need for proper marketing for the sale of local meat for consumption, the need to install mobile towers to improve telecommunication connectivity in Changthang area, the need to address power issue in Durbuk/Nyoma sub-divisions, etc.

Director, Animal/Sheep Husbandry, Dr Mohammad Iqbal, informed the LG that shortage of milk/feed along with hypothermia were the two main reasons for the mortality of pashmina kids in the winter months. He also informed that necessary steps have been taken and pasture/fodder and milk replacer/supplements will be provided to reduce their mortality rate in the winter months.

Praising the people of Durbuk/Nyoma sub-divisions for their patriotism and for being ideal citizens of Ladakh, the LG gave the slogan of Memna Bachao, Memna Badhao (Save Lambs, Promote Lambs).

He highlighted the need to work on four fronts, i.e. protection of pashmina goat kids from hypothermia, providing adequate nutritious feed to overcome malnutrition among pashmina goat kids, overcoming occurrences of stampede/overcrowding in pens/shelter and providing vaccination to livestock against potent diseases to ensure reduction in mortality of pashmina goat kids.

He asked the goat herders for their feedback/suggestions on the pashmina kid pen prototype based on their experience and expertise. He instructed the concerned officials to provide tags to new-born pashmina goat kids.

The LG stated that a medical inspection and medical support team comprising doctors can conduct camps in remote areas and provide medical assistance/care, including vaccination to livestock.

He stated a policy needs to be framed before putting restrictions on the import of meat from states outside Ladakh. He also stated that the sale of frozen meat should be stopped and he assured to talk to the Army for the supply of local meat for their consumption.

The LG assured to look into the issue of improving telecommunication facilities in remote areas and take up the matter with the concerned Ministry. He also informed about winter-friendly houses being constructed in border villages of Ladakh for the benefit of the citizens of those areas.

He informed that the Administration is committed to the promotion, preservation and improvement of the production of pashmina along with reducing the mortality of pashmina goat kids in Ladakh.

Advisor to LG, Dr Pawan Kotwal; Executive Councillor, LAHDC Leh, Tashi Namgyal Yakzee; Councillor, Nyoma, Ishey Spalzang; Councillor, Kumgyam, Thinles Nurboo; Secretary to LG, Ravinder Kumar; elected representatives and goat herders from Durbuk/Nyoma sub-divisions along with concerned government officials were present in the meeting.

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