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Meet Kacho Mohd, the man behind drilling of mountains of Parkachik

Meet Kacho Mohd, the man behind drilling of mountains of Parkachik


Kargil: To achieve the dream of irrigating more than 1600 hectares of Land covering five revenue villages in Suru Area of Kargil District of Ladakh Union Territory, Kacho Mohammad Ali a contractor is the person behind drilling of the tough Mountains of Parkachik manually.

Despite the tough conditions, Kacho Mohammad, a government contractor has made this dream come true by completing the 990 meters long tunnel within 2.5 years.

Kach Mohd Ali who comes from the Royal family of Zimstiang undertook the challenge of tunneling the Parkachik Canal in 2019 but due to COVID-19 pandemic outbreak the construction work came to halt till 2020 before the work was started again.

Kacho Mohammad Ali said that in beginning the construction of the tunnel was allotted to some other contractors who left the work in the middle due to the challenges faced owing to tough and extreme conditions.

After several failed efforts by the authorities, the construction work was allotted to him, he revealed.

He further said that he had procured Skilled Labours, experts from Himachal who overcame toughest of the challenges during the construction work.

Kacho said, “I availed the expertise of Survey Engineers of the Zojjila Tunnel also and with great effectiveness completed this prestigious Job.”

Kacho Mohammad Ali became the first contractor to drill a mountain for construction of the Irrigation Canal. For his rigorous efforts he was awarded on the Republic Day by the district Administration.

He further said, “It gives me immense relief and satisfaction that after completion of this prestigious tunnel work 5 villages will get water for irrigation.”

He has been awarded a Shawl, Memento and Certificate by the District Administration for completing the Construction of 900 Meters Tunnel at Parkachik Canal.

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Haji Ghulam Mohammad Councilor LAHDC Kargil for Parkachik said that the work Kacho Mohd Ali has done is a blessing for the people of his constituency and the entire nation as well.

“Such persons should deserve a national Award taking into consideration the situation and conditions in which he has worked,” he asserted.

It’s only after the completion of the Tunnel that the whole project of Parkachik Canal has become Successful.

Haji Ghulam Mohammad requested the CEC LAHDC Kargil Feroz Ahmad Khan and Secretary I&FC Ladakh Ajeet Kumar Sahu to recommend the contractor for the National Award.

(Umar Raina)

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