Monday, March 27

LG BD Mishra reviews preparedness for Y20 pre-summit in Leh


Also reviews launch of RTI online portal & delay in delivery of mails by India Post

Leh: The Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh, Brigadier (Dr) BD Mishra held a meeting with Principal Secretary Sanjeev Khirwar, at Raj Niwas Sunday.


The LG inquired about the preparedness for the upcoming Youth20 (Y20) pre-summit under the aegis of G20 to be held at Leh from April 26 to 28. 

He also inquired about steps being taken to tackle four crisis points, i.e. the arrangement of medical facilities, lodging & boarding, transportation and security & theft. 

Principal Secretary Khirwar informed the LG that officials from across the globe are expected to arrive in Leh for the event for which arrangements such as emergency medical facilities, standard operation procedures (SOPs), boarding and lodging, transportation and security arrangements have been made. 

He further informed that all the arrangements are being made with close coordination with officials from the Government of India.


Principal Secretary Khirwar informed about the beautification of the Leh Main Market area, roads and important religious and historical places which the delegates are expected to visit. 

He also informed about various street art being done at various places which showcase the unique culture and heritage of Ladakh. 

He further informed that a fair would be organised at Sindhu Ghat showcasing various handloom, handicraft and food processing products from Ladakh.


Principal Secretary Khirwar informed that self-help groups (SHGs), carbon-neutrality, handloom/handicraft, culture and heritage would be the underlying themes of the Y20 pre-summit at Leh.


HLG instructed that elaborate arrangements should be made for the delegates participating in Y20 pre-summit with the involvement of officials from top to bottom ranks.


The LG also inquired about the reasons for the delay in launching the RTI online portal in Ladakh. 

Principal Secretary Khirwar informed that the process of RTI online portal has already begun and steps are being taken to engage manpower to operate the portal. 

The LG instructed Principal Secretary Khirwar to fix the timeline to launch RTI online portal at the earliest.


The LG further inquired about the inordinate delay in the delivery of mails by India Post in Ladakh and the inconvenience faced by the people of Ladakh. 

He instructed Principal Secretary Khirwar to hold meetings with concerned officials within Leh and Kargil and also the concerned top officials from the Department of Post at Delhi to ensure that the mails are delivered promptly and the delay factors in the matter are ironed out at the earliest.

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