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Ladakh to set up Singly Window Mechanism for planning, monitoring of waste management

Ladakh to set up Singly Window Mechanism for planning, monitoring of waste management


Advisor holds meeting to monitor compliance
Leh: A meeting was held under the chairmanship of Advisor Ladakh, Umang Narula in the UT Secretariat, Leh to monitor the status of compliance in terms of orders of the National Green Tribunal for Solid Waste Management and Sewage Management in Ladakh. Discussions were also held on the provision of subsidies for the timely installation of Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) in the Hotel Industry and other industries.

The meeting deliberated on the strategies for ensuring the timely installation of Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) and Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs) by non-compliant units, in compliance with the directives issued by the National Green Tribunal.

During the meeting, Advisor Narula highlighted the importance of implementing existing subsidy schemes specifically tailored for small hotels and guest houses with fewer than 20 rooms, as per the Industrial Policy.

He emphasized that the provision of benefits of these schemes to small hotels that may lack significant resources should be a priority. To ensure effective outreach, Advisor Narula instructed the LPCC (Ladakh Pollution Control Committee), Tourism Department, and Industries Department to organize a joint meeting with small hotel owners to create awareness about the schemes and their potential benefits, enabling small hotel owners to better understand and participate in accessing subsidies for the installation of Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs).

In a presentation by Aditya Madanpotra (IFS), Regional Director, Ladakh Pollution Control Committee, the status of compliance with Solid Waste Management and Sewage Management in Leh and Kargil was outlined. In Kargil, a solid waste management plant with a capacity of 25TPD is targeted to be commissioned by December 2023.

The establishment of composting/vermicomposting/bio-methanation centres near the source of wet solid waste generation is being considered, with the H&UDD identifying mechanisms for the treatment and disposal of wet waste at decentralized level.

The assessment of legacy waste in Kargil is ongoing, and remediation work is scheduled to begin in August 2023.

In Leh, bioremediation is currently underway and expected to be completed by October 2023. Further, it was informed that the STPs proposed for Leh and Kargil are planned as co-treatment facilities. To ensure water quality monitoring, STPs at both Leh and Kargil are proposed to have Online Continuous Emission Monitoring System which shall transmit real-time data to LPCC and CPCB.

Madanpatra also discussed fencing of legacy waste sites in Kargil; use of reclaimed land occupied by legacy waste sites in Leh, amongst others as per directions of NGT.

The officials were directed by Advisor for the timely completion of projects in Leh and Kargil as per the directives issued by the National Green Tribunal.

Further, he instructed the DCs for sustained awareness programmes targeting all sections of society on source segregation. He stated that source segregation is essential in promoting sustainable waste management and reducing the environmental impact of waste disposal.

Principal Secretary/Chairman of Forest, Ecology and Environment and LPCC Ladakh, Pawan Kotwal, emphasized the importance of waste management in Ladakh’s armed forces establishments and cantonment areas.

He urged the Defence Estates and other relevant authorities to implement necessary measures for waste management, ensuring adequate monitoring to protect the environment and public health. Additionally, he emphasized the significance of coordinating with the respective Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) for effective waste management practices.

Advisor Narula also directed to set up a centralized Singly Window Mechanism under the chairmanship of Principal Secretary, Housing & Urban Development Department, Sanjeev Khirwar with representation from departments of Rural Development, Environment & Forest, Agriculture, Water Resources, Fisheries and Industries for planning, capacity building and monitoring of waste management at the UT Level.

The meeting was also attended by Administrative Secretary, Tourism Department, Ladakh; Administrative Secretary, Power Development Dept, Ladakh; Secretary, Law Dept, Ladakh; ADGP, Ladakh; Deputy Commissioner, Leh and Kargil, Ladakh; Director, Industries and Commerce Department, UT of Ladakh; Director, Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, Ladakh; Director, Urban Local Bodies, UT of Ladakh; District Officer, Leh and Kargil, LPCC; Representatives from Airport authority, BRO, ARMY and ITBP and other concerned officials.

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