Friday, December 8
Ladakh Territorial Congress Committee pays tributes to Pt Nehru

Ladakh Territorial Congress Committee pays tributes to Pt Nehru


LEH: Ladakh Territorial Congress Committee paid tribute to Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru on his 134th birth Anniversary. The day is celebrated as the Children’s Day for Pt Pandit Nehru’s love for the children.

He was the beloved leader of the children of the time who fondly called him Chacha Nehru.

Born in a Kashmiri Pandit family, he had the best of upbringing doing his schooling from one of the best school at harrow and subsequent higher education at Cambridge.

He penned two enormously popular books Discovery of India and a Letters from His father to his daughter. On gaining freedom from the British, he became the first Prime Minister of the country.

Pt Nehru can truly be credited for the vibrant democracy, pluralism and secular ethos that this country has enjoyed.

It was due to erudite scholarship, wisdom and knowledge of the world affairs that the country was put on firm foundation of inclusive democracy and pluralism where everyone enjoyed equal rights and freedom.

At a time when the world was divided Pt Nehru along Marshal Tito of Tugoskavia and President Abdul Nassar laid the foundation of Non Alignment which eventually, over a period of time became the biggest block with an enlistment of more 129 countries committing themselves not to align with any of the super power.

He followed a model of mixed economy taking the features of the capitalist and socialist economy.

We in Ladakh truly bow our head in memory of Pt Nehru who gave the CIBS, the Ladakh Affairs Ministry in erstwhile state of J&K, and most of all, encouraging Kushok Bakula to join politics to serve the public.

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