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J&K govt transfers 23,203 Gazetted, non-gazetted posts to Ladakh UT


LEH: The Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir has transferred 23,203 posts including 2,501 Gazetted and 20,702 non-Gazetted to UT of Ladakh Wednesday.

According to an order, “The Union Territory of J&K has transferred 23,203 posts (2,501 Gazetted and 20,702 non-Gazetted) to the Union Territory of Ladakh. Besides, 14,686 employees, serving on substantive basis, have been apportioned to the Union Territory of Ladakh in accordance with Section 89 of the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Act, 2019, in a phased manner.”

Reportedly, there are many employees currently serving in the UT of Ladakh on substantive basis, are working without having their own designated post or in surplus than the number of post apportioned and are receiving their salary from some other post.

Read Order here:

J&K transfers 23,203 Gazetted, non-gazetted posts to Ladakh UT

To consolidate such information, and to take a policy decision to rectify the status, all Administrative Secretaries are requested to provide the details of such employees in the prescribed format to GAD Ladakh (both in Word and PDF formats) by or before 31st May 2023.


Read Instruction here: J&K govt transfers 23,203 Gazetted, non-gazetted posts to Ladakh UT

Pertinent; In accordance with the J&K Govt. Order dated 15.11.2021, as well as Government orders dated 05.05.2022, 17.10.2022, and 17.04.2023, a total of 14,686 employees, serving on a substantive basis, have been apportioned to the Union Territory of Ladakh based on the options exercised by them under Section 89 of the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Act, 2019.

2. As a result of the aforementioned orders, the departments within the UT Administration of Ladakh need to carry out the required verification and enter the details of apportionment in the service records of the employees to give effect to the apportionment. In light of the above, all Administrative Secretaries/Heads of Departments are urged to take the following necessary actions:

i. Administrative Secretaries and HODs must ensure further verification of the authenticity of the initial appointment orders and service records of the apportioned employees. This verification process aims to confirm that they were appointed to government employment on a substantive basis. It should be ensured that the above apportionment orders must not be considered as a communication for the confirmation or regularization of any employees who were not substantially appointed in the former J&K government according to the prevailing rules. Additionally, the apportionment should not be treated as a mode of recruitment for any employee.

ii. The date of birth (DoB) recorded in the apportionment order should not be considered as a reason for changing the DoB in the service book in case of any discrepancy.

iii. During the verification process mentioned above, if any deficiencies are discovered, the apportionment of the employee(s) to that extent will be deemed to have been withdrawn abinitio. Any variations in the details or credentials of the apportioned employees, including DoB, should only be rectified with prior approval from GAD Ladakh. All such cases should be forwarded only after considering the original/verified service records, along with clear recommendations from the respective Administrative Secretary.

iv. After verification and satisfaction, the concerned Heads of Departments (HoDs)/Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) should make an entry in the service record (book) of the employee, mentioning the relevant apportionment orders. If the DDO is not the HoD, the entry should be countersigned by the next supervisory officer of the DDO.

3. In order to resolve the issue of apportionment of manpower once and for all, Heads of Departments (HoDs) are requested to provide details/names of any employees serving in UT Ladakh who have not been apportioned yet (despite exercising the option for UT of Ladakh) through their respective Administrative Secretaries.

4. All concerned are hereby notified that this OM serves as the final notice to
settle any issues related to apportionment claims. Subsequent to this notice, no further requests or representations will be entertained. Requests for changing the option will not be allowed or entertained. Therefore, Administrative Secretaries/HoDs are kindly requested not to forward any such requests to GAD.

5. It should be further noted that this OM does not apply to employees of PSU/Autonomous Body/Corporation who are yet to be apportioned under Section 92 of the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Act, 2019. The apportionment order for such employees will be issued separately.

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