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Indian Minorities Foundation holds seminar on 'Role of Kargil in Nation Building, Opportunities'

Indian Minorities Foundation holds seminar on ‘Role of Kargil in Nation Building, Opportunities’


IMF felicitates Kargil People
KARGIL: No Prime Minister since Independence other than Narendra Modi has understood the aspirations of people of Ladakh stated Kargil Muslim Leaders. Step-motherly treatment to Ladakh ended after becoming UT, locals in Kargil hail PM Modi for undertaking Inclusive Development for people of Ladakh.

All Muslim Sects including Shia Muslims feel safe in Modi’s India; In comparison to other Nations Muslims are enjoying the benefits of progressive Bharat, say Muslim leaders in Kargil.

Kargil is witnessing new era of Development and Progress; Rise in Tourism Growth in Exports has opened new opportunities in the region says Kargil residents.

Ladakh is undergoing a remarkable transformation across all sectors after the historic decision of making it a separate UT by PM Modi in 2019, says Satnam Singh Sandhu
Kargil Youth reiterates their commitment towards Nation Building and assures contribution towards making Bharat a Developed Nation by 2047.

IMF honours families of Kargil war heroes; Chancellor Chandigarh University (CU) announces Shaheed Captain Vikram Batra Scholarship for their wards.

The Community and Youth Leaders of Kargil on Thursday asserted their faith in the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government and lauded the efforts made under his leadership to transform the region which was otherwise kept bereft of the progress for decades.

The Youth of Kargil reiterated to participate in Nation Building and work with commitment towards realizing the dream of making Bharat a developed Nation.

They came together in large numbers in support of the policies adopted by the Modi government for Ladakh’ s development and reiterated that a wave of development has prevailed in the region ever since Ladakh was granted the status of separate UT in 2019.

A multitude of Kargil residents, especially the youth, asserted these views while they joined a seminar on ‘Role of Kargil in Nation Building and Opportunities’ held by the Indian Minorities Foundation (IMF) on Thursday (November 9) at Syed Auditorium in Kargil, Ladakh.

The event was attended by IMF Convenor Satnam Singh Sandhu; Dr. Maulana Kalbe Rushaid Rizvi, Maulana Feroz Ahmed Rabbani, Religious Preacher and Renowned Speaker from Kargil; Dr. Karan Singh, Former Minister of Education of India; Sheikh Sadiq Rajaie, Chairman Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust (IKMT); Sajjad Kargili, Social Activist and Senior Member Kargil Democratic Alliance; Dr. Mohammad Jaffer Akhone, Chief Executive Councillor Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council-Kargil (CEC LAHDC Kargil) and Sheikh Nazir Mehdi Mohammadi, President Jamiat Ul Ulama Isna Asharia Kargil.

Others who attended the event included Mohd. Ismail President – All Kargil Ladakh Students Association Delhi; Mohd. Hassan Hundrmani, president of Contractual Lecturers Association; Sheikh Bashir Shakir, Vice Chairman Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust (IKMT) Kargil: Mohd. Hassan Pasha, a local businessman and Ghulam Abbas who is a young entrepreneur in Kargil.

IMF convenor, Satnam Singh Sandhu, said that Kargil has a history of safeguarding India’s honour and dignity and has been at the forefront whenever India faced any threat from its enemies. “Kargil’s contribution during the Kargil war is unparalleled and this is the soil where India’s strength and resilience emanates. Kargil is a symbol of Bharat’ s courage and might and from time to time the region has showcased India’s indomitable spirit of oneness to the whole world, said Satnam Singh Sandhu.

He also said that the contribution of Kargil residents during Kargil war is indelible, as it proved crucial for India’s triumph over the enemy. “The Kargil war still lingers in the minds of every citizen of the country and the support provided by the locals to brave soldiers of the country cannot be forgotten,” he added.

Satnam Singh Sandhu further said, “Despite of its countless sacrifices and losses, the region was given a step motherly treatment affecting its growth and development. The tourism sector of Ladakh remained underutilised for decades. But now after becoming a separate UT, Ladakh is scaling new heights of development.”

Sandhu said that the region is undergoing a remarkable transformation across all sectors after the historic decision of making it a separate UT by PM Modi in 2019.

“The government’s spending has witnessed an upswing in the past few years and the budget has increased manifolds. Central University of Ladakh is being constructed at a cost of INR 750 Crores to provide quality education to the students within the UT,” he added.

“From infrastructure development, education to connectivity and tourism, the development is underway across all sectors. Kargil youth have become the flagbearers of India’s new path to inclusive development.

Further, current govemment is instrumental in creating new employment opportunities for Kargil youth and helping them become financially independent,” added Satnam Singh Sandhu.

Scholarship scheme announced for wards of Kargil war heroes. Satnam Singh Sandhu, who is also the Chancellor of Chandigarh University (CU), also announced ‘Shaheed Captain Vikram Batra Scholarship’ for the wards of Kargil war heroes. Divulging the details about the scholarship, Sandhu said that 20 Seats would be reserved for Kargil Martyrs for 3 Years in Chandigarh University. “15% Academic Fee Waiver for the Wards of Kargil Martyrs.

10% Academic Fee Waiver for the Wards of Defense Personnel who were injured in Kargil. The fee waiver would be applicable for the entire Course Duration and the total amount of Scholarship under this scheme would be Rs. 25 Lakh,” he said.

During the event, CU Chancellor Satnam Singh Sandhu also announced the scholarship for meritorious students of Ladakh under which any student from Ladakh who have passed Senior-Secondary and have scored more than 80% marks from any CBSE Affiliated Board or College would be eligible for this scholarship for their higher education at Chandigarh University, Gharuan. As many as 25 seats will be provided peryear under this scholarship.

On the occasion IMF also honoured the families of Kargil war heroes and paid tribute to their contribution in safeguarding the nation from the enemy. Satnam Singh Sandhu said that their selfless service is etched in history and their stories of valour will be remembered and will keep inspiring our future generations.

As many as 11 families of war heroes and five religious organisations were honoured on the occasion.

Community leaders in Kargil hail PM Modi
The local community leaders in Kargil said that the region witnessed unprecedented development after the historic step taken by PM Modi in 2019 which has helped the people of Ladakh to write new stories of success.

The Kargil youth reiterated the fact that region was kept bereft of the development by previous dispensations despite heavy sacrifices made by the residents for the safety of the country from time to time.

They, however, succinctly conveyed the message that the region saw a change after 2019 and the development in visible now on the ground level. They stated that the tourism boom and growth in exports are opening new opportunities in the region.

Mohammed Hassan Hundrmani, President Contractual Lecturers Association Kargil, said, “During the last 9 years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ensured massive transformation in the education sector in Ladakh, and also started several flagship programmes, especially for the youth, for which the UT is highly grateful to him.

In addition, transparency has been ensured in the administration and every other department. The annual budget for Ladakh has also increased to INR 5,958 Crores for 2023-24 from some 100 Crores after it became a UT in 2019.”

Mohd. Hassan said that Kargil has always stood as India’s strength, be it in times of war or developmental issues, but it is PM Modi who has ensured the development of the region.

He said, “PM Modi has ensured implementation of various government schemes and policies in a far-flung area like Kargil with harsh conditions, which is a great achievement. The infrastructure development has witnessed a major boom. New medical colleges and institutes have been set up, and the construction of Central University of Ladakh at a cost of INR 750 Crores is underway.”

Mohd. Ismail, President All Kargil Ladakh Students Associations Delhi said “Central University of Ladakh is being constructed at a cost of INR 750 Crores to provide quality education to the students within the UT and propagate the idea of ‘Ek Bharat, Shreshth Bharat’ among the youth. The National Institute of Sowa-Rigpa in Leh has also been developed as the Centre of Excellence.

He also added that after 2019, 26 sports associations were registered in Ladakh and were affiliated with national associations to promote youth development and encourage healthy physical activity among youth of Ladakh.

“Our region was ignored for decades but our aspirations got new wings after 2019. It was a historic step taken by the PM Modi which is transforming the region. Our potential as tourist destination remained underutilised during previous governments but now everyone is witnessing the surge in the number of tourist arrivals here. We have better connectivity in terms of roads now and an plethora of projects are underway,” he said, adding that our youth is committed towards Nation Building and assures contribution towards making Bharat a Developed Nation by 2047.

Bashir Ahmed Shakiri, Vice Chairman Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust (IKMT) Kargil, said, “Kargil is an integral part of India, and its natives have played a key role in safeguarding the nation from the enemy while establishing the spirit of Nation First’ in true sense. Every community in Kargil lives in harmony with each other. While the religions may differ, their teachings are the same. Their cultures may be different, but together we are a part of one nation.

He added, “With a call for Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat, PM Modi has further unified the nation together. He understood the aspirations of every community, especially the Minorities that had played the politics of appeasement for decades. PM Modi has provided scholarships to Muslim youth for higher education and low interest loans for promoting entrepreneurship in the Muslim Community. Due to PM Modi’s initiatives, today entire India, Ladakh, and Kargil are progressing at a great pace, and contributing in nation building.”

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