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Principal Secretary Sanjeev Khirwar reviews meeting of 24x7 Water Supply Status across Ladakh

Govt detaches teaching, non-teaching staff attached in other depts


LEH: In a move to prioritize and improve education and enhance the learning experience of students, the government has taken a significant step by detaching teaching and non-teaching staff previously attached to various departments and bringing them back into the education sector.

Principal Secretary, School Educastion Department Ladakh, Sanjeev Khirwar while addressing a presser here in Leh on Friday stated that the detachment decision was taken to improve the education of the students, besides concerns were raised about the adhoc mechanism and lack of proper procedures in the attachment of teaching and non-teaching staff to different departments.

“The attachment of teaching and non-teaching staff was carried out through a pick and choose method, which led to allegations of favouritism and compromised the quality of education. This Adhoc mechanism of Human Resource management raised serious questions about the transparency and fairness of the process,” Sanjeev Khirwar said.

He said, there was not even a proper method applied in attaching teachers in other government departments since there were complaints of favouritism also. The attachment of teaching and non-teaching staff of the education department was not in favour of the student community.

Recognizing the importance of a well-structured education system, the government has taken the issue seriously, Sanjeev Khirwar said and added that the decision to detach teachers from non-teaching staff aims to ensure that they can focus solely on their core responsibilities and provide ‘quality education to students.

“We aim to streamline the education system. This move will allow teachers to fully dedicate themselves to their primary role. By eliminating the pick and choose method, we aim to ensure that teachers are assigned to their respective roles based on merit and qualifications, rather than personal preferences,” Khirwar said. He added that they will carry out a permanent method like ‘Transfer of Post’ in a transparent and fair manner.

Regarding the attachment of staff after government schools were shut down in several areas of Leh, Sanjeev Khirwar said that they have formed a permanent mechanism. “We have already done a thorough exercise in Leh district regarding the issue, and in a couple of days the same exercise will be carried out in Kargil district,” Khirwar stated.

The detachment of teaching and non-teaching staff is just one of the many steps taken to achieve this objective, Khirwar said.

He said that in some government run schools in Leh, students are performing better and enrolment is at surge, for that the administration has been examining how many posts of teachers would be required in these schools.

The government would carry out a permanent way in this like transfer of posts which will be in a transparent and fair manner. All the employees of the education department are being brought back as the government has taken the issue seriously since teaching and non-teaching staff is wholly and solely for students.

Regarding the grievances of employees of the education department, Sanjeev Khirwar the government of Union Territory of Ladakh has ordered the constitution of the Committee/ Board to dispose of the representation received from the School Education Department Employees.

According to an official order issued on October 6, “Sanction is hereby accorded to the constitution of committee/Board to dispose of the representation received from the teaching and non-teaching employees of School Education Department regarding the attachment and detachment on compassionate and medical ground.”

The committee/Board shall comprise of the officers including Advisor to Lt. Governor, Ladakh as its Chairperson, while Administrative Secretary, School Education Department, Administrative Secretary, Health and Medical Education Department, Administrative Secretary, General Administration

Department and Director Health and Medical Education will be members of the committee. The Director Health and Medical Education shall brief the Committee/Board on following points including details of Medical Facilities available at the Station (Place of Posting), whether periodic medical advice/ consultation available at place of posting, availability of hospital within reasonable distance in case of emergency hospitalization, and whether regular hospitalization is required.

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