Saturday, April 13
GDC Drass celebrates International Women’s Day

GDC Drass celebrates International Women’s Day


Kargil: Department of Sociology, GDC Drass Friday celebrated the International Women’s Day, to honour the achievements and contributions of women worldwide.

Najma Begum, BDC Chairperson Drass was the chief guest. In commemoration of this important day, Assistant Professor, Samina Rehman, Head Department of Sociology, expressed her enthusiasm for the event, stating that IWD is an opportunity to reflect on the progress that have been made in advancing gender equality while recognizing the work that still lies ahead.

The department hosted a series of talks aimed at promoting gender equality, empowering women, and fostering meaningful dialogue on issues related to women’s inclusivity in every aspect of society and the ways to aspire them.

BDC Chairperson Drass spoke on the importance of education which is a way forward for career advancement. She encouraged students through her personal journey and inspired them to fulfil their dreams.

Earlier, the program commenced with the welcome address by Principal GDC Drass, Dr Amjad Ali Abassi. He emphasized the importance of women’s education and encouraged them to pursue their career development.

Highlighting an important aspect of colleges in UT Ladakh, he asserted that all the colleges have majority of women students which is a great achievement.

It was followed by the discourse on women’s rights and opportunities by Farida Banoo Librarian. She stressed that valuing oneself and realising one’s full potential is very crucial for women.

Kaniz Fatima, Assistant Professor, Department of Education emphasized that women need to summon the courage to overcome obstacles in life to achieve significant progress.

She cited few examples of women from Drass region that despite of their challenges they have continued to persevere and thrive. She stressed that one should draw inspiration from the countless women who have shattered the barriers and stood out.

The event also included the discussion on women of Drass and ways for their empowerment by two students of GDC Drass Syed Mehmood Shah of 6th semester and Noor Jahan of 4th semester.

The program concluded with the vote of thanks by Assistant Professor, Samina Rehman to all the participants for their presence and time which was followed by the refreshments.

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