Tuesday, May 28
Empowering adolescents: Leh's NTCP takes proactive steps against tobacco addiction

Empowering adolescents: Leh’s NTCP takes proactive steps against tobacco addiction


Leh: The National Tobacco Control Programme (NTCP) in Leh organized a School Health Programme at Imamia Model High School to combat tobacco addiction among adolescents.

Led by NTCP psychologist Phunstok Diskit, the session aimed to equip adolescents with knowledge and skills to resist tobacco. NTCP emphasized education, counselling, and practical interventions, including mobile counselling services and medical support.

The session covered tobacco addiction’s health effects, prevention, and cessation strategies. Attendees learned about risks associated with tobacco products and were introduced to cessation aids like nicotine gum.

She also spokes on NTCP’s holistic approach includes awareness and practical interventions. Mobile counselling services and medical support were emphasized. NTCP aligns with public health efforts and enforces the COTPA to create tobacco-free environments.

During the session, Dr. Stanzin Jamyang, District Consultant NTCP, emphasized the significance of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC). Dr. Jamyang highlighted the treaty’s role in combatting the global tobacco epidemic through evidence-based strategies.

He emphasized demand reduction through measures like price increases, smoke-free areas, and cessation support, along with addressing illicit trade and sales to minors.

Dr. Jamyang also acknowledged the Bloomberg Initiative for its contribution to global tobacco control efforts.

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