Tuesday, May 21
ECI's Ground-breaking ‘Vote from Home’ initiative revolutionizes electoral accessibility in Kargil

ECI’s Ground-breaking ‘Vote from Home’ initiative revolutionizes electoral accessibility in Kargil


KARGIL: In a transformative leap towards fostering inclusive democracy, the Election Commission of India (ECI) has introduced the pioneering “Vote from Home” initiative in Kargil.

Assistant Returning Officer Postal Kargil Abdul Hadi in a interview with Akshwani Kargil stated some fine initiatives of administration to make LS polls a success.

Abdul Hadi said that this initiative, aimed at empowering senior citizens above 85 years and persons with disabilities (PwDs) to exercise their voting rights without impediments, marks a significant milestone in India’s electoral landscape.

The implementation of the “Vote from Home” initiative commenced on May 10th, 2024, in Kargil, with resounding success, lagged off by DEO Shrikant Suse.

Abdul Hadi said that the first day witnessed an overwhelming response, with 47 votes cast out of 295 eligible voters.

The 295 eligible voter, 149 senior citizens, 99 PwDs, and 47 individuals from essential services, underscoring the initiative’s broad impact.

Assistant Returning Officer Postal, lauded the initiative’s seamless execution and its pivotal role in promoting electoral equity.

To facilitate a smooth and transparent electoral process, Kargil district has been meticulously divided into 7 zones, ensuring efficient management until the culmination of the initiative on May 16th, 2024, he added.

Rigorous security measures and the deployment of micro observers have been implemented to safeguard the integrity of the electoral proceedings.

Abdul Hadi emphasized the collective responsibility of all stakeholders in upholding the sanctity of the electoral process.

He urged citizens of Kargil to actively participate in shaping the democratic narrative by exercising their franchise. With unwavering commitment, he affirmed the ECI’s pledge to count every vote, reaffirming the core principle of democratic representation.

The “Vote from Home” initiative stands as a testament to the ECI’s unwavering dedication to promoting electoral inclusivity and accessibility. As Kargil embraces this groundbreaking initiative, it sets a precedent for equitable electoral practices nationwide, inspiring a future where every voice is heard, and every vote counts, Hadi concludes.

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