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Div Com Biswas reviews action on issues raised in Changthang winter tour


Solar Water lift at Dungti and LREDA power supply at Korzok restored: Biswas

Leh: Divisional Commissioner Saugat Biswas, during his four-day Changthang tour in January, visited various villages in the interiors of eastern Ladakh where he interacted with the villagers, PRI members of various villages. 

He visited Korzok, Tegazong, Chumur, Hanley, Rongo, Nyoma, Koyul, Dungti and Demchok during the tour. 

Biswas reviewed the available facilities, progress/implementation of old and new projects under various schemes such as JJM, Changthang Package, SDP, district plan BADP etc which are aimed at improving the standards of living of the people of the Changthang region. 

Various requests and demands were put forth by the people during his visit, pertaining to various departments. 

In this regard, Divisional Commissioner Saugat Biswas chaired a meeting today with all the concerned line departments to discuss the issues raised and deliberated upon means and measures for resolving the concerns with the concerned officials.

Issues raised by the villagers pertained to the departments of Education, Rural Development, Health, Information Technology, PDD, PWD, Animal and Sheep Husbandry, PHE, Handloom & Handicrafts, Tourism, Banking, Sports, Revenue, Social Welfare and LREDA.

Biswas appreciated the LREDA and JJM engineers for having restored the solar electric grid and the solar water pump at Dungti and Korzok in compliance to directions given during the tour.

Pertaining to the provision of fencing for fields to protect from wildlife intrusions, Divisional Commissioner Biswas stated that the implementing department must review the proposal and provide the fencing, as the issue of wild animals causing damage to crops has been a consistent cause of concern in Changthang. 

Biswas also directed both the concerned departments, viz agriculture and rural development to coordinate to avoid duplication of works. 

While discussing the RDDs project of lighting the villages with solar street lights, Biswas directed the department to increase the allocation per Panchayat for more proliferation as the existing provision of street lights per Panchayat does not seem to serve the purpose on ground. 

Further, it was decided during the meeting that the Rural Development Department should explore setting up of Solid Waste collection centres in far flung hamlets and villages for efficient collection and segregation at the Solid Waste Segregation centres. 

Biswas also discussed about development of community wash facilities with the provision of warm water for the convenience of the people and also stressed that no household must be without an Individual Household Latrine (IHHL) under the SBM-G.

Div Com  Biswas reviews action on issues raised in Changthang winter tour

Discussing existing infrastructures such as multipurpose auditoriums with the facility of video conferencing, Divisional Commissioner Biswas urged the departments to utilize the facility by holding weekly interactive meetings over video conference with the villagers and use the platform where the villagers can put forth their issues to be redressed.  

Pertaining to the department of Health, Biswas urged Director Health to expedite the process of filling the vacant post of doctor at PHC Korzok and others so that the people in the far flung areas can have access to medical assistance whenever required. 

Biswas directed both Health and Animal Husbandry Departments to issue roster for deployment of Mobile Medical Units and Animal Care Ambulances for camping in different villages in Changthang. Director Health assured that a duty roaster of the mobile ambulances shall be shared soon. 

A similar duty roaster shall be shared by the Department of Animal & Sheep Husbandry for the movement of their mobile ambulance. 

Regarding the issue of the non-functionality of the Jammu & Kashmir Bank at Chumur, Divisional Commissioner Biswas took assurance from J&K Bank that the defunct banking facility at Chumur will be made functional twice a week on an interim basis till the issue of shortage of staff is addressed. 

Officers and officials of the concerned departments attended the meeting.

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