Friday, May 24
Disaster Management Training Program concludes

Disaster Management Training Program concludes


HANLAY: In an initiative to enhance public awareness about precautionary measures during various disaster situations, a two-day Disaster Management Training Program was successfully conducted.

The program was aimed to equip the residents of Panchayat Halqas in Hanlay and Chemday Karu with essential skills and knowledge to effectively respond to emergencies the previous day.

Ladakh Police, union territory disaster response force (UTDRF) in a statement said, “We are proud to share that the training program was conducted by the dedicated personnel of the UTDR Ladakh Police, who have extensive expertise in disaster management. Their valuable insights and hands-on experience proved to be instrumental in empowering the local communities.”

During the comprehensive training sessions, participants learned about the importance of preparedness, early warning systems, evacuation procedures, and first aid techniques.

They were educated on specific measures to be taken during different disaster scenarios, including earthquakes, floods, landslides, and severe weather conditions.

The program fostered an interactive environment, encouraging participants to actively engage in discussions, ask questions, and share their experiences.

Through practical demonstrations and simulations, attendees gained valuable experience in handling emergency situations and were able to develop their confidence and decision-making skills.

Together, let us continue to spread awareness and empower our communities to face any unforeseen challenges that may arise. Stay prepared, stay safe!

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