Tuesday, May 28
DC chaired High-Level Meeting in Leh Addresses Public Health Initiatives

DC chaired High-Level Meeting in Leh Addresses Public Health Initiatives


Leh: A pivotal high-level meeting, chaired by DC Leh, Santosh Sukhdeva, convened to assess the progress and strategies related to critical public health initiatives including Measles-Rubella (MR) vaccination, National Deworming Day, and the District Task Force on Pulse Polio Immunization.

DIO Leh, Dr. Jameela Parveen, delivered a comprehensive presentation on the Pulse Polio Immunization Programme for 2024.

The presentation covered key aspects such as the importance of supporting the programme, its objectives, global polio case statistics, acute flaccid paralysis, logistical arrangements, manpower planning, vaccine and cold chain management in Leh district.

Furthermore, insights were provided on National Deworming Day (NDD), highlighting the benefits of deworming children, relevant departments involved, and the availability of Albendazole in the district.

Dr. Parveen also shed light on the Measles and Rubella (MR) vaccination program, presenting recommendations from IEAG-MR, surveillance indicators report for Leh District, and the achievement of MR1 & MR 2 for the years 2022-23 to 23-24.

DC Leh emphasized the importance of ensuring the targeted number of schools, as per UDISE, including colleges, polytechnic institutions, and army schools.

DC Leh also appreciated all the officials of the medical department for their work.

The meeting witnessed the presence of key stakeholders including the SIO Ladakh, Dr. Iqbal Ahmad; CEO Leh Sonam Wangchuk, Dy CMO Leh Dr. Skarma P. Yontan, DIO Leh Dr. Jameela Parveen, along with concerned officers and officials.

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