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Days long sports festival ends with promoting traditional games in Leh

Days long sports festival ends with promoting traditional games in Leh


LEH: The sports committee of Government Degree College Nobra organised its three-day annual sports festival. The event was aimed at promoting sportsmanship, encouraging student participation, and highlighting the significance of traditional games native to Ladakh. The festival commenced on October 17th and concluded on October 19th, 2023.

The festival commenced with a warm welcome note delivered by Dr Tsering Spalzom, the College Director of Physical Education & Sports. Dr Tsering Spalzom, in her welcoming speech, emphasized the vital role of intramural competitions as a platform for students to showcase their talents.

She highlighted that intramural sports serve as a means for all students within an institution to participate, compete, and develop their athletic abilities. In addition to promoting modern sports, she also underscored the importance of preserving and promoting traditional Ladakhi games.

She stressed the need to incorporate these games into the college’s co-curricular activities to prevent their extinction.

Games such as “Thebley” and “Ankilik” were highlighted as important elements of Ladakh’s cultural heritage. Their inclusion in this year’s sports festival aimed to foster an appreciation for and the continuation of these traditional games among the youth.

The inaugural ceremony of the sports festival was graced by the presence of the College Principal, Dr. Tsewang Motup. Dr.Motup commended the sports committee for their efforts in organizing the event.

He encouraged the students to actively participate in various college activities, emphasizing that participation in sports events is instrumental in nurturing holistic personal development.

The sports tournament featured ten sports activities in men and women categories. The sports included:Shot-put, Discus throw, 100-meter race, Ankilik (traditional Ladakhi game), Thebley (traditional Ladakhi game), Volleyball, Tug of War, Archery, Table tennis , and Carrom. The sports festival witnessed active participation from both students and faculty members of Government Degree College, Nobra.

The event was characterized by spirited competition, sportsmanship and a strong sense of community among the participants. The support and involvement of both students and faculty contributed to the festival’s success.

The event culminated on the 19th of October with a closing ceremony with the distribution of certificates, medals and trophies to the victorious athletes and teams. The moment was graced by the presence of the College Principal.

During the closing ceremony, the College Principal shared valuable insights into the significance of co-curricular activities within the college’s academic landscape. He commended the students of Government Degree College Nobra for their display of sportsmanship and their contributions to the sports festival. The event ended with the Vote of Thanks delivered by Assistant Professor Stanzin Padma.

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