Wednesday, December 6
Civil Aviation Department conducts training of Los, ALOs for winter air travel

Civil Aviation Department conducts training of LOs, ALOs for winter air travel


Leh: The Secretary of Civil Aviation, Ravinder Kumar, led a pivotal meeting to announce preparations for a comprehensive one-day training and awareness program for the forthcoming AN-32 Courier Service in Kargil.

During the meeting, it was highlighted that the essential arrangements were being made to initiate the operation of the AN-32 Kargil Courier Service, catering to the needs of the passengers. The Chief Coordinator of the AN-32 Kargil Courier Service focuses on the extensive training of newly appointed Liaison Officers (LO) and Assistant Liaison Officers (ALO) in collaboration with experienced officers, ensuring their optimal performance.

In response to this suggestion, Secy Civil Aviation, Ravider Kumar directed the Additional Deputy Commissioner, Kargil to conduct training sessions and as he was informed that these training sessions, led by Vibhor Gupta and his team, will be supplemented with guidance from Chief Coordinator Amir Ali of the An-32 Kargil Courier Service.

He also directed, Deputy Commissioner Kargil will oversee the training for all new LOs and ALOs, with a commitment to share training completion reports with the Secretary of the Civil Aviation Department.

Additionally, Kumar stressed the need to resolve pending liabilities from the previous year’s An-32 Kargil Courier Service and directed the Additional Deputy Commissioner Kargil to initiate a fund requisition to ensure a seamless operation of the An-32 Kargil Courier Service. Furthermore, a forthcoming meeting on the Kargil Courier – An-32 Service for 2023, involving all stakeholders, was announced to discuss and plan for the service before the road closure.

The meeting gathered the participation of the ADC Kargil, Chief Operating Officer of Kargil, and various officers and officials, including all Liaison Officers.

This proactive approach highlights the Civil Aviation Department’s commitment to ensure a smooth and efficient AN-32 Courier Service in Kargil through comprehensive training and collaborative efforts.

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