Monday, May 27
CEO Ladakh Maralkar promotes Voter Participation in Sakti for upcoming General Elections

CEO Ladakh Maralkar promotes Voter Participation in Sakti for upcoming General Elections


Leh: In a significant effort to enhance voter awareness and mobilize participation for the upcoming General Elections 2024 in the 1-Ladakh Constituency Lok Sabha, the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of the Union Territory of Ladakh, Yetindra M. Maralkar, visited Sakti Village in the Kharu Sub-Division of Leh. The visit marks an essential component of the Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) Ladakh initiative.

The event commenced with a welcome from the village Nambardar and Goba, who, along with the Lamas of Chemdey Monastery, students from the Government Council Model School, Sakti (Serthi), and residents, greeted CEO Yetinder Maralkar and officers with traditional khataqs.

Addressing the assembly, CEO Yetinder M. Maralkar highlighted the importance of active participation in the electoral process and urged all eligible voters to cast their ballots on 20th May 2024. Every vote counts in shaping the future of the region and nation. I encourage all citizens to exercise their democratic rights responsibly, he stated.

State SVEEP Ladakh Icon, Phunsok Ladakhi, further motivated the crowd by highlighting the significance of electoral participation through a locally inspired song dedicated to the General Election 2024.

Female Icon Stanzin Idzes also spoke passionately and urged the voters and the youth to ensure a strong turnout on election day.

The SVEEP Ladakh initiative is dedicated to educating and encouraging voters across the Union Territory of Ladakh to engage actively in the democratic process. The visit of the Chief Electoral Officer to Sakti Village is part of a wider strategy to reach out to remote and rural communities, ensuring comprehensive voter awareness and participation.

Among the attendees were the Additional Secretary, Elections, Ladakh, Swaran Singh; State Icon Phunsok Ladakhi; Female Icon Stanzin Idzes; Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Kharu, Sonam Dorjey; Booth Level Officers, and other concerned officers.

On the other hand, a dedicated team from the Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation Ladakh (SVEEP Ladakh) program, led by the State Nodal Officer Dr Tsewang Morup, and District Icon SVEEP Ladakh Stanzin Dorjey Gya conducted a significant outreach initiative.

The team visited prominent monasteries in the region, including Spituk, Phyang, and Likir Monasteries, to raise awareness about voter participation in the upcoming General Elections 2024.

During their visit, the team engaged with key religious and community leaders, including Ven. Gonbo Dorjey, Chakzod of Spituk Monastery, Ven. Rigzin Dorjey, Chakzod, Phyang Monastery, Chakzod, Likir Monastery, Chakzod, Ven. Lobzang Tsetan, and students of Government High School, Likir.

Additionally, they met with the Nambardar of Phyang, (Tsewang Nurboo), the Nambardar of Likir (Skarma Jorgyes), and the President of the Women’s Alliance, Likir, (Jigmet Choskit).

The State Nodal Officer, Ladakh Dr Tsewang Morup, highlighted the importance of every vote in shaping the future of the nation, at Phyang Monastery. Dr Tsewang Morup urged all the venerable monks to educate, inform, and encourage the voters of the areas to actively participate in the electoral process on the day of the General Elections 2024.

The District Icon SVEEP Ladakh, Stanzin Dorjey Gya engaged with the voters and urged them to exercise their democratic rights in the forthcoming.

The District Icon and State Nodal Officer presented the Ven. Chakzods of Monasteries, Nambardars, and the President of Women Alliance with special tokens of appreciation, including water bottles, SVEEP Ladakh T-shirts, and badges.

The initiative is to enhance voter education and mobilization, ensuring that every eligible citizen in Ladakh exercises their right to vote. The involvement of respected community leaders is expected to significantly boost voter turnout and engagement. The initiative also aims to address voters’ interests by making the electoral process more accessible and engaging for the residents of Ladakh.

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