Sunday, May 19
Amit Sharma presides meetings to discuss progress, prepare agenda points for AGBM

Amit Sharma presides meetings to discuss progress, prepare agenda points for AGBM


Leh: The Managing Director of Sindhu Infrastructure Development Corporation (SIDCO) Ladakh, Amit Sharma presided over a pivotal meeting at the Civil Secretariat, Leh.

The meeting was convened to deliberate on the progress made by SIDCO and to outline the agenda for the upcoming Annual General Board Meeting (GBM). It witnessed comprehensive discussions on various facets of SIDCO’s initiatives and projects aimed at bolstering infrastructure development in Ladakh.

The Managing Director emphasized the corporation’s commitment to contributing to the socio-economic progress of the region, aligning with the vision of a sustainable and prosperous Ladakh.

The meeting was the thorough preparation of the agenda for the Annual General Board Meeting. The annual event serves as a platform for stakeholders to review the corporation’s achievements, address challenges, and strategize for the future.

The discussions during the meeting also extended to other pertinent issues concerning SIDCO, including project updates, financial performance, and collaborative efforts with key stakeholders.

The Managing Director Amit Sharma highlighted the importance of a well-structured agenda in ensuring a productive and insightful meeting. He expressed his gratitude to the dedicated team at SIDCO for their relentless efforts in driving the corporation’s mission forward.

He stated that SIDCO is committed to realizing the vision of a vibrant Ladakh through strategic infrastructure development and sustainable practices.

The SIDCO is geared up for the upcoming Annual General Board Meeting, where the team will present a comprehensive report on the corporation’s achievements and outline the roadmap for the future.

The meeting concluded with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm, reflecting the commitment of SIDCO towards the holistic development of the Union Territory of Ladakh.

The meeting was attended by the General Manager of Finance, SIDCO; Senior Manager, SIDCO; Executive Engineer, SIDCO; District Manager, SC/ST/OBC Corporation; Traffic Manager, SIDCO; Manager, SIDCO Energy Hub, Leh, and concerned officers of SIDCO and allied departments.

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