Tuesday, February 27
Amit conducts comprehensive Inspection of State Motor Garage Facilities in Ladakh

Amit conducts comprehensive Inspection of State Motor Garage Facilities in Ladakh


Leh: Secretary Transport-cum-Transport Commissioner, UT Ladakh, Amit Sharma Wednesday conducted a thorough inspection of the Motor Garage building, offices, sheds, workshops, stock stores, and surrounding areas to enhance the efficiency and functionality of the Motor Garage facilities in the Union Territory of Ladakh.

Secretary Transport Amit Sharma assessed various aspects of the facilities to ensure the best performance and adherence to quality standards accompanied by the Deputy Director of Motor Garage, UT Ladakh Dr Tundup Namgyal, and his staff.

During the inspection, the Secretary emphasized the need to improve infrastructure and directed the concerned officers to establish proper sheds for vehicles within the departmental campus.

The directions align with the commitment to provide a conducive environment for maintenance activities and vehicle storage.

To enhance efficiency, Amit Sharma instructed the officers to organize mechanical parts systematically on shelves. Additionally, he emphasized the importance of testing and quality assurance for recharging materials, reinforcing the commitment to safety and reliability in motor garage operations.

One of the central points of the Inspection was the Fast-Charging Station, an important component in the modernization of transportation infrastructure. Amit Sharma examined the station to ensure its functionality and alignment with the evolving needs of the region.

UT Ladakh Administration aims to ensure that the Motor Garage facilities meet the highest standards of functionality and safety, Secretary Transport stated.

The inspection marks the beginning of a series of initiatives aimed at modernizing and upgrading our transport infrastructure to better serve the people of Ladakh, he added.

Deputy Director Garages affirmed the commitment of the Motor Garage Department to implement the Secretary’s directions promptly.

Secretary Transport Amit Sharma concluded the Inspection with optimism for the future, expressing confidence that the improvements outlined during the visit would contribute significantly to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the UT Motor Garage facilities.

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