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Advisor Kotwal chairs review meeting on Bio-mining for Sustainable Waste Management in Ladakh


Leh: The advisor to the Lieutenant Governor, UT Ladakh Dr Pawan Kotwal presided over a significant review meeting focused on Bio-mining in the region, at the Civil Secretariat, Leh.

At the outset of the meeting, the Housing and Urban Development Department provided a comprehensive presentation on the procurement of a waste disposal system for the processing and disposal of remediated waste in Bombgarh, Leh

The presentation highlighted the existing challenges at the dumpsite in Bombgarh. These challenges included overcapacity, improper waste segregation, and environmental pollution. The absence of adequate waste disposal mechanisms in the region was emphasized.

The presentation outlined the steps and procedures involved in the procurement of a waste disposal system, including the legal and regulatory aspects, budget considerations, and the timeline for implementation.

Participants discussed the incorporation of advanced technologies and equipment to streamline bio-mining processes. The expected positive outcomes of implementing an efficient waste disposal system, such as improved environmental quality, better public health, and overall community well-being discussed.

The adverse environmental impact of the current waste management practices, such as soil and water contamination, air pollution, and harm to local ecosystems was also discussed in the meeting.

During the review meeting, Dr Kotwal emphasized the importance of effective waste management in Ladakh, a region known for its pristine natural beauty. He highlighted the need for innovative solutions to tackle the growing waste disposal issues while preserving Ladakh’s unique environment.

The meeting emphasized the dual objective of waste management and environmental conservation. Dr Kotwal underlined the importance of minimizing the ecological footprint of bio-mining activities.

Dr Pawan Kotwal expressed his gratitude to all attendees for their commitment to the cause of sustainable waste management in Ladakh. He reiterated his dedication to fostering a cleaner and greener Ladakh while preserving its unique natural heritage.

The meeting was attended by the Principal Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, Sanjeev Khirwar; Director of Housing & Urban Development, UT Ladakh; Assistant Commissioner Revenue, Leh; officials and officers of the concerned departments, while Deputy Commissioner, Kargil; and officials and officers of the concerned departments joined the meeting virtually.

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