Monday, February 26
Advisor Kotwal Chairs Meeting on Operationalization of District Deaddiction Centres in Ladakh

Advisor Kotwal Chairs Meeting on Operationalization of District Deaddiction Centres in Ladakh


Leh: The Advisor to the Lieutenant Governor of the Union Territory of Ladakh Dr Pawan Kotwal chaired a meeting to address the pressing issue of substance abuse and addiction on Saturday.

The primary agenda of the meeting was to discuss and strategize the operationalization of District De-addiction Centres (DDACs) in Ladakh.

The deliberations were centered around ensuring comprehensive preparedness for the effective functioning of the DDACs to tackle the challenges posed by substance abuse in Ladakh.

At the outset of the meeting, Commissioner Secretary Padma Angmo precisely laid out the guidelines essential for the seamless establishment and operation of District De-Addiction Centres.

Emphasizing the commitment to combat substance abuse, the presentation outlined key aspects including the required size of the centers – 4000 square feet catering to 15 patients and 5000 square feet for 30 patients.

The presentation explored the involved roles and responsibilities of De-Addiction Centre (DDAC) personnel, encompassing components such as counseling, identification of individuals struggling with substance use, and facilitating the journey towards recovery.

The financial norms, a key aspect of sustaining the centers, were also thoroughly covered in the presentation.

Norms for the drug addiction centers were outlined, encompassing essentials such as the installation of CCTV systems, provision of almirahs, refrigerators, and other necessary amenities ensuring a conducive environment for rehabilitation.

Highlighting a broader scope of the initiative, the presentation touched upon the establishment of De-Addiction Centres within prisons. This strategy aims to address substance abuse issues within correctional facilities, contributing to the overall well-being and rehabilitation of inmates.

The Advisor emphasized the need for a multi-faceted approach, integrating medical, psychological, and social interventions to address the complex issue of addiction.

The importance of community involvement and awareness campaigns to destigmatize addiction and encourage seeking help were also highlighted.

The Advisor Dr Pawan Kotwal stressed the importance of actively participating in the Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyan to raise awareness and public support. This national campaign against substance abuse seeks to create a society free from the clutches of addiction, he added.

The initiative aligns with the broader national vision of a Nasha Mukt Bharat and sets an exemplary standard for proactive measures in tackling the multifaceted challenges posed by substance abuse.

The establishment of District Deaddiction Centres aims to provide a supportive environment for individuals struggling with addiction. The centers will offer a range of services, including counseling, medical treatment, and rehabilitation programs, tailored to the specific needs of the residents of Ladakh.

The meeting concluded with a comprehensive action plan, outlining timelines and responsibilities for the operationalization of the DDACs. The Advisor expressed confidence in the collective efforts of all stakeholders and he urged all officers to collaborate seamlessly to bring about positive change in the lives of individuals affected by addiction.

The establishment of District Deaddiction Centres marks a significant stride towards creating a healthier and more resilient Ladakh, reflecting the administration’s dedication to the well-being of its citizens.

The meeting was attended by the Commissioner Secretary of Social & Tribal Welfare, UT Ladakh; Deputy Commissioner, Leh; Director of Social & Tribal Welfare, UT Ladakh; Director of Accounts & Treasury, UT Ladakh; Deputy Director of P&MD, UT Ladakh; District Social Welfare Officer, Leh; and Chief Planning Officer, Leh, while District Social Welfare Officer, Kargil; and Chief Planning Officer, Kargil joined the meeting virtually.

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