Monday, February 26
Admn Secy Ladakh Amit Sharma leads participation in India International Science Festival

Admn Secy Ladakh Amit Sharma leads participation in India International Science Festival


Faridabad/Leh: The Administrative Secretary of Science and Technology, UT Ladakh, Amit Sharma played an essential role at the ongoing four-day India International Science Festival 2023, being held at Faridabad, Haryana (NCR Delhi).

This all-important India International Science Festival brought together lot of personalities from various corners of the country and lead participants from more than 20 countries of the world including Agentina, South Africa, Singapore, Australia, Zimbabwe, Malaysia, Indonesia and others to deliberate upon critical issues shaping the scientific global landscape and devise a strategy for the future.

Accompanied by the Deputy Chairman of Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, Leh, Tsering Angchuk, Secretary S&T Ladakh Amit Sharma actively participated in a panel discussion moderated by Dr Satish K, Agnihotri, an alumnus of IIT, Mumbai.

The focus of the discussion revolved around the strengthening STI Ecosystems in different states/UTs all across the nation, with delegates from Arunachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, and Jharkhand contributing their insights.

Amit Sharma underscored the strategic importance of fostering innovation in Ladakh through the creation of a Bio-Technology Park and developing a mechanism for start-ups in Aromatic plants.

He articulated a vision that aligned with Ladakh’s unique ecosystem, emphasizing the potential for sustainable development in the region.

Secretary S&T Amit Sharma alongwith Dy CEC LAHDC also addressed delegates of various nations regarding the lead taken by Union Territory of Ladakh in the field of carbon neutrality and the upcoming step of launching hydrogen-fuel buses there, which shall be first in the nation, which attracted a standing ovation from the visiting International guests there.

Furthermore, the Secretary Amit Sharma alongwith Dy CEC LAHDC Leh featured prominently in a parallel meeting with the Director of the Regional Centre for Biotechnology (RCB), Dr Arvind Sahu and his team.

The discussion centered around encompassing key aspects such as carbon neutrality, the establishment of bio-tech parks in Ladakh, the promotion of bio-technology start-ups in Ladakh, and the way forward for same in which UT Ladakh administration would seek support of RCB for same.

He highlighted the commitment of UT Ladakh to positioning itself as a hub for scientific and technological advancements.

The participation of UT Ladakh at the India International Science Conference 2023, under the leadership of Secretary Amit Sharma, not only exemplifies a commitment to scientific progress but also underscores Ladakh’s dedication to sustainable and innovative solutions.

As Ladakh marches towards a future defined by technological excellence, the Secretary S&T Amit Sharma’s leadership continues to be a beacon, guiding the way forward.

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