Tuesday, May 21
ADGP Ladakh SDS Jamwal emphases importance for students to use mobile devices cautiously

ADGP SDS Jamwal emphasizes community engagement, recruitment plans during Kargil visit


KARGIL: In Ladakh, Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) SD Sing Jamwal (IPS) recently concluded a productive three-day tour of Kargil District, aimed at enhancing community-police relations and evaluating the needs of police personnel.

While interacting with media at Kargil he expressed satisfaction with the youth of Kargil, noting their commendable lack of involvement in criminal activities.

He emphasized the importance of engaging and empowering the youth, revealing that efforts are underway to provide them with more opportunities for constructive involvement in the community.

In response to inquiries about police recruitment, ADGP Jamwal announced plans to conduct recruitment for Sub Inspectors in the near future, with the process scheduled to commence shortly after the upcoming elections.

This initiative aims to strengthen the police force and ensure its readiness to address evolving security challenges in the region.

Addressing concerns regarding the transfer policy within the police force, ADGP Jamwal assured that decisions regarding transfers would be made following the conclusion of the elections. This approach reflects a commitment to maintaining stability within the force while also considering the evolving needs of the region.

ADGP SD Sing Jamwal’s visit underscores the Ladakh Police’s dedication to fostering strong community partnerships and enhancing operational capabilities to ensure the safety and security of all residents in the region.

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