Tuesday, May 28
Peaceful candle march held in Leh in solidarity with Palestinians

Peaceful candle march held in Leh in solidarity with Palestinians


Leh: A peaceful candle march to express disapproval of Israeli atrocities in Gaza, Palestine was organised by Ladakh Muslim Youth Coordination Committee the other day from Leh Gate to Jama Masjid Leh.

Representatives from LBA, Christian community, Anjuman Imamia Leh, Anjuman Moin Ul Islam, LBA Women’s wing, Anjuman-e-Imamia Women’s wing, and Anjuman-Moin-Ul-Islam women wing, Leh, joined the candle march.

Mehdi Shah, Vice-President, Anjuman Sofia Noorbaksh emphasised that the march was against the ongoing genocides in Palestine, emphasising the display of humanity through collective presence.

Highlighting the attacks on unarmed civilians, hospitals, children, and women as examples of human exploitation, the committee stands in solidarity with Palestine due to the oppression they face, not solely based on religious affiliations.

Qari Mohammad Amin Naib Imam Jamia Masjid, Leh underscored the cruelty faced by minors, stressing that wars should involve only those with arms, drawing parallels between the ongoing situation and genocides.

Sonam Parvez from the Christian Community advocated for peace through faith, praying for the needy in Palestine, seeking justice for the suffering, particularly innocent minors falling victim to the conflict.

Advocate Mohammad Ramzan, Vice President, Anjuman Moin ul Islam Leh highlighted the silence of those who had previously condemned genocides, pointing out the double standards prevalent in the response to the ongoing situation.

Ashraf Ali Barcha, President, Anjuman Immamia condemned powerful nations attacking Palestine through Israel, expressing concern over Gaza’s devastation and the apparent aim to displace its inhabitants for resettlement.

He also raised concerns about the misuse of veto power in the United Nations, emphasizing the dire situation in Gaza and Palestine. Chering Dorje, Vice President, LBA; Sheikh Nazeeri Ahmad also spoke on the occasion. (RLB)

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