Tuesday, May 21
D&FCO Ladakh holds awareness program on food safety on wheels at GDC Kargil

D&FCO Ladakh holds awareness program on food safety on wheels at GDC Kargil


Kargil: Drugs and Food Control Organization Ladakh in collaboration with College Cultural and Seminar Committee, along with Department of Commerce and Sociology Thursday organized an event titled ‘Awareness/Testing Through Food Safety on Wheels Vehicle’ at GDC Kargil.

The event was held under the leadership of Principal Prof. (Dr.) Amina Qari. It witnessed an enthusiastic turnout of students and faculty members eager to learn about food safety practices.

Assistant Professor of English, Archo Fatima, started the event by introducing the esteemed guests and extending a warm welcome to all attendees.

Shahnaz Zahra, Food Safety Officer, and Humaira Yaseen, Food Analyst, led engaging sessions on food testing inside the innovative food safety van.

Divided into 6-8 groups, students had the opportunity to witness first hand demonstrations on food testing techniques, enabling them to grasp the importance of ensuring food safety standards.

The interactive sessions provided insights into the significance of maintaining food safety protocols, empowering students to become advocates for safe food practices within their communities.

This collaborative initiative not only highlights the commitment of Drugs and Food Control Organization Ladakh towards ensuring public health but also underscores the proactive efforts of educational institutions like GDC Kargil in fostering a culture of food safety awareness among the younger generation.

Thinles Chondol, Assistant Professor of Commerce, extended heartfelt gratitude to the Drugs and Food Control Organization and its esteemed speakers for their insightful demonstration on food safety practices.

She thanked Principal Dr. Amina Qari for giving permission to organize the event and also commended the active participation of both staff and students, emphasizing the importance of such collaborative efforts in promoting public health awareness.

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