Saturday, April 13
DC Santosh launches FSSAI Ladakhi Transcripted Books to promote food safety

DC Santosh launches FSSAI Ladakhi Transcripted Books to promote food safety


Leh: To promote food safety and nutrition awareness, Deputy Commissioner, Leh, Santosh Sukhadeve, launched the FSSAI Ladakhi Transcripted books at the Grand Dragon Hotel, Leh on March 12.

Assistant Commissioner Food Safety, Leh, Thamchos Gurmeet was present during the launch.

During the launch, Padma Angmo, Food Safety Officer, Leh informed that the book is available in Hindi, English and in local and regional language.

She also provided an overview on the launch of three types of books known as the orange book, yellow book and the right-hand book which includes all the necessary guidelines required. Also, it was informed on how it is possible to check the milk and oil adulteration.

Food Safety Officer, Leh, Padma Angmo briefed the audience about the comprehensive nature of the books, available in Hindi, English, and the local Ladakhi language. Divided into three categories – the orange book, yellow book, and the right-hand book – these resources contain essential guidelines for ensuring food safety and combatting issues such as milk and oil adulteration.

In his address, DC Leh emphasized the critical role of nutrition in fostering a healthy society. He shed light on the alarming rise in cancer cases and preterm births, underlining the urgency to address these challenges through proactive measures.

Furthermore, he emphasized the significance of cultivating a physically fit youth demographic, emphasizing that a healthy populace is indispensable for societal progress.

DC Leh also stressed the importance of embracing fortified foods, promoting the Eat Right campaign, and advocating for organic produce.

He emphasized the need for individuals to make informed and healthy dietary choices, thereby contributing to their overall well-being. The event was attended by officers and officials of various departments.

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