Monday, May 27
Centenarian voter Haji Yousuf exemplifies civic duty in Kargil; Total votes reach 220 out of 295

Centenarian voter Haji Yousuf exemplifies civic duty in Kargil; Total votes reach 220 out of 295


Kargil: In Ladakh, in a remarkable display of civic engagement, Haji Yousuf, aged 108 years from Karkitcho, has cast his vote through the Postal Ballot Team of Assistant Returning Officer (ARO) Kargil.

Haji Yousuf’s participation underscores the enduring spirit of democracy and serves as an inspiration to citizens of all ages.

Speaking on the significance of voting, Haji Yousuf emphasized its paramount importance in shaping the nation’s destiny. He urged fellow citizens to exercise their franchise conscientiously on May 20th, 2024, underscoring the responsibility entrusted upon every voter to contribute to the democratic process.

ARO Postal Abdul Hadi Presented Traditional Khataks on behalf of District Election Officer Kargil and congratulated Haji Yousuf for achieving this milestone and prayed for his long life.

Talking to Akshwani News ARO Abdul Hadi reveals that a total of 220 votes have been cast out of 295 eligible voters as of yesterday. This notable turnout reflects the enthusiasm and commitment of the Kargil community towards participating in the electoral process, he added.

Hadi said that The “Vote from Home” initiative, spearheaded by the Election Commission of India (ECI), continues to foster inclusivity and accessibility in elections, ensuring that no eligible voter is left behind.

Talking about various teams trekking for hours to cast single votes at different locations in Kargil, Abdul Hadi aids that With meticulous planning and dedicated efforts, the electoral authorities are committed to upholding the integrity and transparency of the voting process.

As the momentum builds towards the official Voting Day on May 20th, 2024, citizens are encouraged to seize the opportunity to shape the future of their nation through active participation in the electoral process.

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