Tuesday, May 21
Advisor Kotwal chairs meeting to review implementation of Revised Home Stay Scheme in Ladakh

Advisor Kotwal chairs meeting to review implementation of Revised Home Stay Scheme in Ladakh


Leh: The Advisor to the Union Territory of Ladakh, Dr Pawan Kotwal presided over a meeting aimed at evaluating the implementation progress of the Revised Home Stay Scheme within the Union Territory, in the Video Conference Hall, UT Secretariat, Leh.

The meeting was focused on assessing the efficacy of the Revised Home Stay Scheme in Ladakh. The scheme is designed to enhance tourism infrastructure by promoting sustainable accommodation options and fostering authentic cultural experiences for visitors to the region.

The Advisor Dr Pawan Kotwal highlighted the significance of the Revised Home Stay Scheme in strengthening Ladakh’s tourism sector while emphasizing the need for continuous execution to maximize its benefits for both tourists and local communities.

He directed the officials to issue strict guidelines to prevent misuse and ensure the program benefits its intended recipients.

The primary focus is to prevent any potential exploitation of the scheme, which is designed to enhance the local tourism infrastructure and promote sustainable tourist activities, he added.

Officials exchanged insights and recommendations to streamline procedures, ensure compliance with quality standards, and enhance the overall hospitality experience offered through homestays in Ladakh.

The meeting concluded with a determination to expedite the implementation process of the Revised Home Stay Scheme, and collaborative efforts from relevant departments and stakeholders to realize its full potential in contributing to Ladakh’s sustainable tourism development objectives.

The meeting was attended by the Administrative Secretary of the Tourism & Culture Department, Ladakh; the Regional Wildlife Warden, Leh; the Director of Tourism, Ladakh; the Wildlife Warden, Leh; the Deputy Director of Planning (H), UT Ladakh; Assistant Director of Tourism, Leh, while Assistant of Tourism, Kargil; and Wildlife Warden, Kargil joined the meeting virtually.

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