Friday, May 24
RIL, Jio among top 10 Indian brands

RIL, Jio among top 10 Indian brands


New Delhi: Reliance has two brands in the top ten List of Indian brands, as per a recent report.

As per an Interbrand report, Reliance Industries is ranked number 2 and Jio is ranked number 5 in the top ten list of Indian brands for 2023.

TCS is ranked at the top, Infosys is ranked number 3, followed by HDFC, Airtel, LIC, Mahindra, SBI and ICICI.

The Total List Value is US$ 100 billion with a growth of 167 per cent in the last 10 years. The GDP growth over the decade is 138 per cent. The Total Value of the table has reached US$ 100 billion for the first time ever, Interbrand report said.

The brand value of Top 3 brands makes up 46 per cent of the Total Value of top ten brands. Top five brands represent more than a third (40 per cent) of the total value of the Table. For the first time ever in 10 years, there are three Technology Brands in the Top 5.

The Total Brand Value of Top 10 brands (INR 4,950 billion) is more than the value of the rest of the table (40 brands: Total Value: INR 3,360 billion) Fastest Growing Sectors over the last decade are FMCG (CAGR 25 per cent), Home Building & Infrastructure (CAGR 17 per cent) and Technology (CAGR 14 per cent).

The Home Building & Infrastructure sector has grown the most (from INR 69 billion to INR 344 billion), followed by Technology (from INR 693 billion to INR 2.5 trillion) over the last 10 years. While the Financial Services sector still has the greatest number of brands, nine, and the Home Building & Infrastructure sector has seen the highest jump in terms of the number of brands with seven brands since 2014.

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