Tuesday, May 21
Advisor Kotwal chairs meeting on GLOF Preparedness in Ladakh

Advisor Kotwal chairs meeting on GLOF Preparedness in Ladakh


Leh: The Advisor to the Lieutenant Governor, UT Ladakh, Dr Pawan Kotwal convened an important meeting on the preparedness for Glacial Lake Outburst Flow (GLOF) hazards in the Union Territory of Ladakh to discuss various challenges and a way forward with the concerned officials and stakeholders, at the Civil Secretariat, Leh.

The meeting highlighted the need for comprehensive strategies to mitigate the potential risks posed by GLOF occurrences in UT Ladakh.

The meeting served as a platform for productive dialogue and collaborative decision-making. The officials contributed valuable insights and reaffirmed their commitment to safeguarding Ladakh’s population and infrastructure from GLOF hazards.

The Dean of Research Studies at the University of Ladakh Dr Subrat Sharma presented an innovative project aimed at revolutionizing weather monitoring and space applications in Ladakh, which is a sophisticated system designed to address the unique environmental challenges faced by Ladakh.

The Dean explained on the role of automatic weather stations in enhancing real-time weather monitoring capabilities across Ladakh. These stations, equipped with cutting-edge sensors and data collection mechanisms, promise to provide accurate and comprehensive meteorological data.

The Advisor Dr Pawan Kotwal directed the officials in identifying vulnerabilities, enhancing early warning systems, fostering community resilience, sensitization, and mock drills against such natural calamities.

He emphasized the importance of dedication to proactive measures, including rigorous monitoring of glacial lakes, infrastructure reinforcement, and public awareness campaigns.

Dr Pawan Kotwal expressed a comprehensive roadmap aimed at bolstering emergency response mechanisms and cooperation to effectively address GLOF challenges.

The meeting concluded with a resolve to implement the devised strategies, ensuring a coordinated and resilient approach towards mitigating GLOF risks in UT Ladakh.

The meeting was attended by the ADGP of Ladakh Police, UT Ladakh; the Commissioner/Secretary of Forest Department, UT Ladakh; the Commissioner/Secretary of Planning Department, UT Ladakh; the Secretary of DMRRR Department, UT Ladakh; the Deputy Commissioner, Leh; Senior Superintendent of Police, Leh; Superintendent of Police, UTDRF, UT Ladakh; the Director of Indian Meteorological Department, UT Ladakh; Representative from Ladakh University, UT Ladakh; EOC In-charge, while the Deputy Commissioner, Kargil; Senior Superintendent of Police, Kargil; Representative from National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC); Representative from Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) joined the meeting virtually.

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