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‘Youth need to value public libraries, Ladakh needs more’

‘Youth need to value public libraries, Ladakh needs more’


LEH: The Union Territory of Ladakh has a population of around three lakh. While there are a few libraries in Ladakh, the need for more public libraries is apparent. Public libraries play a crucial role in the social, educational, and cultural development of a community.

Taking note of twin districts of Ladakh UT, more than half a dozen public libraries are not enough since the mere number. And the region needs setting up of more public libraries and learning centres.

One of the students said that one of the major problems is the lack of infrastructure in remote areas. Ladakh is a mountainous region with difficult terrain, which makes it challenging to transport books and other resources, he said and added that, many villages here do not have electricity, making it difficult to set up a library with modern amenities.

Besides, we lack is trained librarians and staff. “Many people in Ladakh do not have the necessary skills to manage a library effectively. Therefore, it would be essential to train and educate local people to manage the libraries efficiently,” he asserted.

For the innovative and developing measure, the government and the NGOs if any need to provide financial resources for setting up, and further maintaining public libraries in Ladakh.

The purpose of public libraries in Ladakh would be to provide access to information, knowledge, and learning resources to people of all ages. Libraries would serve as a hub for educational and cultural activities, as well as a place for people to gather and exchange ideas.

Another adult learner said that there is a need to create awareness among the local population about the importance of public libraries and learning centres. During our times we didn’t value things that meant actually so, the adult learner said young people in Ladakh need to realize the value of a library and UT needs more libraries.

“It would be essential to educate and inform people about the benefits of public libraries and how they can contribute to the community’s growth,” he suggested.

On May 9, in Leh district of the UT, Chairman/CEC, Tashi Gyalson inaugurated a library and learning center at Zangdog-Palri Temple in Choglamsar.

CEC Tashi Gyalson praised the efforts of the Himalayan Buddhist Cultural Association for establishing the library and emphasised the importance of sharing knowledge to strengthen the usage of their language, tradition, and spiritual values.

On alike pattern, setting up public libraries in Ladakh is essential to provide access to information, knowledge, and learning resources to people of all ages.

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