Monday, June 5
Yak Cheese farmer calls on CEC Gyalson

Yak Cheese farmer calls on CEC Gyalson


LEH: Sonam Dawa, a Yak Cheese farmer from Shagar Yokma, Zanskar called on the Chairman/CEC, Tashi Gyalson Monday.

He shared his work in farming & preparing Yak Cheese – a rare dairy product of Ladakh.

CEC Gyalson stated that efforts of farmers like Sonam Dawa should be recognized and supported by the tourism stakeholders.

He added that this would play a crucial role in promoting local diary products including Yak Cheese to support such farmers in Ladakh.

He appealed to the UT Administration & tourism stakeholders of Ladakh to promote these products and farmers to further strengthen the rural economy.

CEC Gyalson appreciated Sonam Dawa’s efforts and wished him the best in his future endeavors.

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