Tuesday, May 21
World Earth Day celebrated at KVK Kargil

World Earth Day celebrated at KVK Kargil


Kargil: Forest Department Kargil in collaboration with KVK, Kargil celebrated World Earth Day Monday at Government High School, Minjee, Kargil.

A large number of students, faculty members, of Govt. High School, Minjee, extension workers of the Forest Department and scientists of KVK, Kargil were present.

During the day-long program, a series of lectures were delivered on the importance of Earth Day followed by planting of an evergreen state tree juniper inside the school premises.

Dr. Mehdi, Chief Scientist, KVK, Kargil, delivered an elaborated lecture on technologies for successful growing of trees under deficit water conditions and their protection from different insect pests and diseases, as many non-traditional insect pests are emerging due to climate change in the region.

Later in the session, Dr. Mehdi and his team demonstrated the identification and locating of hibernated pupae of popular defoliators (Pheosia albivertex) to the participant in the most affected area (Dangue tse Minjee).

This hands-on approach is invaluable for educating individuals on how to address insect pest challenges effectively. After a thorough demonstration, the entire team was involved in the collection of pupae in carry bags.

To boost the morale of students and also to make the mission successful, prize money was kept from KVK, Kargil, for the participants who collected the highest number of pupae.

Mohd Hussain, a 10th grade student at Govt. Middle School Minjee, collected 51 pupae during the 2-hour exercise, which shows his dedication and interest in environmental conservation efforts. Since a single pupae may multiply into hundreds of leaf eating caterpillar in the season.

Further, the Forest Department Kargil conducted a drawing competition on conservation of the environment. Certificates were distributed to the top three participants, adding recognition to their creativity and contribution to the cause.

Headmistress of the School Zarina Batool, on behalf of students and faculty members, expressed their gratitude to the organizers for choosing their school for this important event.

She said that their faculty members and students gained good knowledge and exposure about the plantation techniques and management of forest trees from insect pest menace.

Niyaz Ranger, Forest Department Kargil, extended gratitude to KVK and faculty members of the school for their cooperation, highlighting their keen interest in ensuring the success of the program.

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