Tuesday, October 3

UTDRF, BRO rescues livestock plunged from Cliff on Leh-Manali Highway


Leh:  In a daring and commendable response, the District Administration Leh, in collaboration with the Union Territory Disaster Response Force (UTDRF) and support from the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) Himank, has sprung into action after receiving a distress call regarding a heart-wrenching incident involving a significant number of livestock tumbling from a cliff near Pang on the Leh-Manali Highway.

The incident, which took place on Wednesday, has prompted an urgent and coordinated rescue mission to save the stranded animals from peril. Reports suggest that a large group of livestock, including goats and possibly other animals, had accidentally fallen from the cliff, creating a dire situation that required immediate intervention.

Upon receiving the SOS call, the District Administration Leh wasted no time in assembling a team of experienced personnel and resources to launch a full-scale rescue operation. Working in conjunction with the UTDRF, a specialized unit well-versed in disaster response, and with vital support from the BRO Himank, known for its expertise in engineering and road infrastructure, the mission was launched with a single-minded focus on saving as many lives as possible.

The relentless efforts of the rescue team have led to the successful rescue of four goats, demonstrating the commitment and dedication of the teams on the ground. However, the operation remains ongoing, with rescue personnel working tirelessly to locate and extract the remaining stranded livestock from the challenging terrain.

The District Administration Leh has urged locals and travelers to exercise caution and to cooperate with the rescue teams in their efforts. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable challenges that the region’s unique landscape can present, further highlighting the importance of quick and efficient response mechanisms.

The collaborative efforts of the District Administration Leh, UTDRF, and BRO Himank stand as a testament to the region’s resilience and the indomitable spirit of those who come together in times of crisis. As the mission presses forward, hopes remain high for the successful retrieval of the remaining stranded livestock and a safe conclusion to the rescue operation.


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