Tuesday, April 23
TRAI held Seminar on Digital Inclusion-empowering people digitally in Leh

TRAI held Seminar on Digital Inclusion-empowering people digitally in Leh


Leh: Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), New Delhi organised a seminar on Digital Inclusion – empowering people digitally at Hotel Pal Leh.

Mahendra Srivastava, Principal Advisor, TRAI welcomed the participants and gave a brief outline of the programme Firday.

The seminar was inaugurated by Meenakshi Gupta, Member, TRAI. In her keynote address Meenakshi Gupta emphasized the need for coordinated efforts to address digital inclusion issues.

She also discussed recent recommendations made by TRAI to address connectivity issues. Gupta pointed out that the gaps in access to technology are widening with the introduction of new technologies, leaving underprivileged individuals behind in their socio-economic status.

She stressed the importance of collaborative efforts by all stakeholders to address digital inclusion issues and ensure that everyone has access to new developments and opportunities.

Kacho Mehboob Ali Khan Secretary (IT), Ladakh UT delivered a special address on the occasion. He highlighted the pressing need for high-quality tele-connectivity in the UT of Ladakh to improve and enhance the telecommunication infrastructure and services in the region.

In the first session of the seminar, there was a discussion on Digital Inclusion and the need of the Hour. This session highlighted the importance of empowering citizens digitally to take advantage of all possible opportunities for growth and be part of economic activities.

The session also highlighted the efforts made by TRAI towards digital inclusion particularly the recent recommendations of TRAI for the Ladakh region. Senior Officers from the Department of Telecom and Universal Obligation Fund Administration informed various steps being taken by the Government to cover uncovered areas of the country digitally.

In the second session of the seminar, there was a discussion on ‘meaningful connectivity’. This session involved presentations on the role of emerging technologies to connect the uncovered areas and also Opportunities in 5G and its use cases. Insights on the topic were shared by speakers from the Telecom and Satellite industry.

Officers from UT Ladakh, as well as local artisans and craftsmen, attended the seminar along with representatives from the Central Government, Industry, Public Sector Undertakings, Telecom Service Providers, and Academia.

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