Tuesday, May 28
Traffic Police takes proactive measures to ensure road safety in Kargil

Traffic Police takes proactive measures to ensure road safety in Kargil


Kargil: To curb various traffic offences and enhance road safety, the Traffic Police in Kargil, Ladakh, established a special Traffic Naka at New MES Chowk on Friday.

Under the leadership of Ishtiyaq Ahmad Kacho, SP Traffic UT Ladakh, the Naka was set up to enforce traffic regulations and educate commuters about the importance of adhering to traffic laws.

During the operation, a total of 70 vehicles were issued challans comprising 35 private and 35 commercial vehicles. Of these, 65 compound challans and 5 court challans were issued, highlighting the stringent enforcement of traffic regulations.

The Traffic Police Office in Ladakh reiterates the importance of following traffic rules, including wearing seat belts while driving, using ISI-marked helmets while riding, refraining from using mobile phones, avoiding rash driving, and obeying the directions of police personnel on the roads. Improper and wrong parking, which creates nuisance and inconvenience for others, will also be dealt with strictly.

Ishtiyaq Ahmad Kacho, leading the Naka, actively engaged with commuters, advising them to comply with traffic regulations for the safety of all road users.

He said that the Traffic Police Office in Ladakh reaffirms its commitment to prioritizing road safety and ensuring the well-being of drivers, passengers, commuters, and pedestrians alike.

The public is urged to abide by these rules, as strict legal action will be taken against offenders who disregard traffic laws.

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