Monday, December 4
Traffic Police launches special drive against improper use of high beam lights

Traffic Police launches special drive against improper use of high beam lights


Leh: Traffic Police Ladakh launched a special drive in Leh town against usage of high beam lights by commuters the other day.

The campaign is being led by Dy. SP Traffic Leh Mohd Baqir who said that all traffic enforcement Squads have been directed to set up special nakas both on highways and internal roads to check violations.

He said that since the inception of Ladakh Traffic Police we have started issuing challans for the usage of high beams during night hours and in the coming weeks it will continue as and when required.

He said that high beams temporarily blind commuters and often cause fatal accidents, therefore Traffic Police will not tolerate this violation. For the first time violators are fined Rs. 500/- and subsequently for the second time Rs.1500/- and so on. He said that any alteration/ modification of vehicle is an offence. Upto 1900 hours about 40-50 commuters were challaned for the instant violation.

However, Dy. SP Traffic said that apart from challaning the commuters, the Traffic Police personnel had also been told to make the commuters aware about the purpose of high beams and how misuse of the same can cause accidents.

The Traffic Police are attempting to change people’s perception by showcausing polite behaviour. Commuter were convinced that traffic challaning was not the only purpose of Police but also to make people aware about traffic rules and violations.

The officers who challaned violators included Dy. SP Traffic Leh Sh. Mohd Baqir , DTI, Leh Inspr. Dorjay Angchuk , Inspr. Phuntsog Angchuk and other challaning officers of traffic wing.

General public and commuters have been requested not to use high beams during night hours in Leh, Kargil and other areas where movement of vehicles remain on higher side.

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