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Traffic Police Ladakh issues Traffic Advisory for Feb 2 to 4

Traffic Police Ladakh issues Traffic Advisory for Feb 2 to 4


LEH: In view of inclement weather conditions Traffic Police Ladakh here on Thursday issued traffic advisory for several areas in Ladakh.

In view of inclement weather conditions predicted from 2nd to 4th of February 2024, particularly in the areas of Taglangla, Changla, Khardungla, Fotula, and Namikala.

In light of these conditions, snow accumulation and frosty roads we strongly advise you to plan your journeys accordingly and preferably restrict travel until the weather improves.

To ensure the safety of yourself and fellow passengers, please adhere to the following precautionary measures:

Equip your vehicle with anti-skid chains when traveling on all routes and passes.

Maintain a minimum trailing distance of 50 meters between vehicles to avoid collisions and safely navigate avalanche-prone zones.

If your vehicle starts to skid, do not slam on the brakes. Instead, ease off the accelerator to regain traction.

Keep your vehicle’s headlights on while driving to enhance visibility.

Carry an emergency snow kit in your vehicle, including items such as anti-skid chains, a snow shovel, sandbags, and a pickaxe, in case your vehicle gets stuck.

Ensure that only the permitted number of passengers is allowed to board taxis or private vehicles. Avoid overcrowding in case of public transport.

All drivers should possess valid driving licenses.

All vehicles should be mechanically fit for plying on roads.

In case people coming to Leh/ Kargil towns, shall keep their vehicles at designated parking places.
Strict action will be taken under the law in the case of overloading/ overcrowding of buses/ taxies.

Before planning your journey, please confirm the road status from the relevant agencies to avoid any inconvenience.

Stay updated with weather advisories and traffic advisories issued by the Meteorological Department and Traffic Police Department.

Traffic Police Ladakh issues Traffic Advisory for Feb 2 to 4

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