Tuesday, February 27
Tourism Department Kargil organizes program for drivers

Tourism Department Kargil organizes program for drivers


Kargil: In connection with the celebrations of National Tourism Day, Observance of National Road Safety Month and National Voters’ Day, a program was organized by Tourism Department, LAHDC, Kargil, UT Ladakh, and ARTO office, Kargil in collaboration with Nehru Yuva Kendra (NYK), Kargil and Ladakh Tribal Foundation Thursday at Conference Hall, Kargil.

The event was attended by Assistant Regional Transport Officer (ARTO), Kargil, Khadim Hussain, Assistant Director Tourism (AD) Kargil, Syed Toha Aga, District Youth Officer, NYK, Jigmat Spaldon, representatives of Ladakh Tribal Foundation, Travel Trade Association, Kargil, Taxi Union and drivers.

The program aimed to improve the interaction of drivers with tourists, enhancing travel experiences through positive and courteous practices on roads. The theme of the event was “sustainable journeys and timeless memories”.

ARTO Kargil, Khadim Hussain, expressed gratitude to drivers, emphasizing their role as tourism ambassadors, urging them to prioritize passenger care for a positive tourist impression.

He also advised drivers on positive behaviour, cautioning against rash driving for safer roads and improved tourist experiences.

The ARTO urged drivers to contribute to promoting tourism by improving their communication skills, adopting proper attire, and actively engaging with tourists within the local community.

He highlighted the economic potential, asserted that the tourism industry and transportation can propel regional economic growth.

While speaking on the occasion, AD Tourism, Syed Toha Aga said that updated information booklets for tourist destinations will be published and these are aimed to provide comprehensive and current details for a seamless tourist experience.

He said the footfall of tourists has increased and emphasized the administration’s dedication to promoting tourism in the region for sustained growth and development.

The AD Tourism underscored the vital role of drivers in tourism, emphasizing the importance of good manners for a positive tourist experience.

On the occasion, District Youth Officer, NYK, Jigmat Spaldon stressed on the importance of a sense of responsibility among drivers for fostering a positive community image.

Other speakers also addressed the drivers, shared insights and advice with drivers on the occasion, promoting a collaborative effort for enhanced tourism experiences

During the event, the National Anthem was also played, accompanied by a pledge in commemoration of National Voters’ Day, fostering a sense of civic responsibility and pride.

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