Monday, September 25
Teachers, Students of GHHS Saspol visit MIMC Devachan campus

Teachers, Students of GHHS Saspol visit MIMC Devachan campus


LEH: LEH: Government Higher Secondary School Saspol students and teachers visited MIMC Devachan campus on September 15. On the invitation of Bhikkhu Sanghasena, 60 teachers and students had day long tour to various wings of MIMC Devachan campus.

Teachers and students of Mahabodhi Residential School extended a very warm welcome to them and our principal and the teachers guided them to the various class rooms. They had very interesting interaction with the teachers and students of Mahabodhi School.

After the Mahabodhi high secondary school they visited various wings of Devachan campus including Mahabodhi girls hostel and Mahabodhi Maitri Geriatric, Buddha Park for world peace, Sambodhi retreat centre etc.

After the lunch at the beautiful Shambala restaurant at Sambodhi, students of Mahabodhi school presented series of beautiful performances depicting Mahabodhi promoting compassion in action, meditation in action, world peace, interfaith harmony, spiritual based education, holistic health, yoga, environmental projects etc.

They day long tour to Mahabodhi campus concluded with wonderful session with Guruji, Bhikkhu Sanghasena at beautiful garden. He delivered a talk to the students and the teachers strongly emphasising the urgent need of spirituality to be in included in the modern education.

He further said the spiritual values such as compassion, meditation, non-violence; world peace must be in the centre of education and all developmental activities. it is spiritual values that bring beauty, colour, and fragrance to lives.

Guru felicitated all the teachers and students with books and gifts. A certificate of appreciation was also presented to the Kaneez Fatima, Principal of Gov. High Secondary School.

The teachers and the students expressed profound gratitude to Bhikkhu Sanghasena and MIMC the outstanding humanitarian services to the people of Ladakh and beyond.

The one-day program was concluded with guided meditation on compassion led by Guruji left them with a profound sense of inner peace and gratitude.

All the teachers and students left with wonderful experience of vibrant spiritual energy of Devachan campus.

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