Wednesday, December 6
Talk on 'Understand Gender and Development: A Sociological Insight' held at GDC Khaltse

Talk on ‘Understand Gender and Development: A Sociological Insight’ held at GDC Khaltse


KHALTSE: Department of Sociology, Government Degree College, Khaltse organised an online expert talk titled ‘Understand Gender and Development: A Sociological Insight’ on October 14.

Professor and Head at Department of Sociology, University of Allahabad, Dr Ashish Saxena was the guest speaker for the session.

At the outset of the session, Dr. Tsering Norphel, on behalf of the Prof. Stanzin Yangdol Principal GDC Khaltse, faculties and students, formerly welcomed the guest speaker and presented a brief outline of the theme and highlighted the importance of learning beyond classroom settings.

Prof. Saxena remarked that although status of women in Ladakh is relatively better nonetheless the gender based conundrums cannot be shrugged off from discourses on gender development. He added that women in every society are dealing with all aspects of the ramifying cultural manifestations of gender.

While quoting Simone De Beauvoir’s conjuncture that says “one is not born a woman but becomes one”, he concurred that both gender and sexuality are socially and culturally constructed. Prof. Saxena also talked extensively on various feminist theories and sociological perspectives on gender.

He also highlighted various schemes and programmes launched by the government of India for economic empowerment of women in India. In second slot of the session, students and faculties proactively interacted with the guest speaker.

Further, he added that we must explicitly support the women counterpart in order to achieve greater participation of women in decision-making processes, gender equality and women’s empowerment.
Department of Economics GDC, Khaltse, Dr. Tsering Tashi while highlighting the success of the talk session, presented formal vote of thanks.

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