Tuesday, May 28
University of Sussex scholar Anna Conci delivers enlightening lecture at EJM College Leh

Sussex University scholar Anna Conci delivers enlightening lecture at EJM College Leh


Leh: EJM College Leh was honoured to host Anna Conci, a Ph.D. researcher from the University of Sussex, UK, she is conducting a research focusing on ‘Sensing the Shape of Wind: Change and Everyday Illness Experience in Ladakh.’

Conci delivered an enlightening lecture titled ‘Qualitative Ethnographic Methods and Sensing the Shape of Wind’ to the eager students of EJM College Leh.

The event, organized by the Department of Sociology as part of the Socio-Club’s initiatives, aimed to enrich students’ understanding of qualitative research methodologies and their application in the unique socio-cultural context of Ladakh.

Conci’s presentation provided valuable insights into the qualitative ethnographic methods employed in her research, offering students a glimpse into the complex interplay between culture, environment, and health.

The guest lecture forms a vital component of EJM College Leh’s ongoing series of academic engagements, which seeks to broaden students’ horizons and foster critical thinking.

Following Conci’s presentation, students actively participated in a question and answer session, seizing the opportunity to delve deeper into the subject matter and engage in meaningful dialogue with the esteemed guest speaker.

Dr. Stanzin Namgail, extended a warm welcome to Anna Conci and introduced the students to the significance of the lecture series and the esteemed guest speaker.

Dr. Tashi Lundup, conveyed heartfelt gratitude to Anna Conci for her insightful presentation and extended a vote of thanks on behalf of EJM College Leh. Dr. Lundup underscored the importance of academic exchanges in fostering interdisciplinary learning and cross-cultural understanding among students.

The guest lecture by Anna Conci exemplifies EJM College Leh’s commitment to providing students with holistic learning experiences and nurturing a spirit of intellectual curiosity.

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