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Successful completion of 10-day Ski Course empowers youth in Kargil

Successful completion of 10-day Ski Course empowers youth in Kargil


KARGIL: In Ladakh, the Tourism Department Kargil, in collaboration with the Ladakh Ski & Snowboard Association, celebrates the conclusion of a 10-day Skiing Course at Linkipal, Kargil.

Over 30 participants, including both boys and girls from various regions of Ladakh, showcased remarkable progress and enthusiasm throughout the program.

Participants engaged in Basic and Intermediate Skiing Courses, mastering essential techniques such as Kick Turn, Snow Plough, and Basic Swing under the expert guidance of seasoned instructors.

The dedication and passion displayed by the trainees underscored their commitment to honing their skiing skills.

The program, which commenced on March 15th, culminated today, March 24th, 2024, with a closing ceremony graced by esteemed dignitaries.

The Deputy Commissioner of Kargil, Shrikant Suse, honoured the event as the Chief Guest, reaffirming the District Administration’s support for such initiatives. Additionally, the Guest of Honor, the Assistant Director of Tourism, commended the participants for their achievements.

During the ceremony, top performers were recognized and awarded prizes for their outstanding contributions to the course. Among the attendees, Dolma from Khaltsi Leh shared her experience, expressing gratitude for the comprehensive training provided, which she believes will enhance her skills as a Mountain Guide.

Furthermore, Dolma emphasized the importance of encouraging more women to participate in winter sports, citing the vast potential for growth and empowerment within Ladakh’s sporting community.

This successful initiative exemplifies the joint efforts of the Tourism Department Kargil and the Ladakh Ski & Snowboard Association in promoting adventure sports and fostering skill development among the youth of Ladakh.

As the region continues to embrace winter sports, initiatives like these serve as catalysts for nurturing talent and preserving the natural beauty of the slopes.

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